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Ralph Sapia
I LOVE your precious Memories. I'm from that erra.
20 October 2011 - Lockport, louisiana
Feeling a little lonely and lost this morning, I clicked on an icon I had from your other site.Needed some toe tapping music. I am so lifted up this morning because of your new look and wonderful music. I feel blessed today and will return every morning to feel the same blessing. Thank you
20 October 2011 - East Texas, USA
Trevor Stafford
Still the most fantastic singer of all time
20 October 2011 - Namibia
Its great to be listening to the songs of when I was a teenager here in New Zealand
19 October 2011 - New Zealand
I was sent your link by a friend. It is a beautiful layout and done so professionly. I love the Elvis Songs. The Religious songs mostly. Love your collection of all your pages. It's been a joy getting lost for several hours in your songs and pages. Thanks so much. They are really great!!!
18 October 2011 - West Virginia (USA)
mel birch
what a fantastic page love it many thanks for sharing it
18 October 2011 - grimsby england
Bob Williamson MGL Elvis |
I am an ETA and use your pages to come and listen How Elvis Does His Best. Thank you so much for taking the time and giving the love to make this site possible.
17 October 2011 - Slidell, LA
I love your site. It's a Blessing to me. I have emailed the address to others as I know they will enjoy it as much as I have. I will be back.
Many Blessings, Wanda
16 October 2011 - Indiana
Barbara Bates
I loved the pages. I grew up in that area-the songs of today are nothing like the songs of the 50 and 60's. I also like some in the 40's
16 October 2011 - PA
zo als Elvis was er maar één en is voor mij nog altijd nummer één dit is een prachtige site
16 October 2011 - Belgié sinaai
I love everything about your site.
Thank you so much Carolyn.
You are a God send that makes my day perfect.Your friend in Christ, Ethel
15 October 2011 - Indiana
Mary Catherine
i have SO enjoyed the stroll down Memory Lane with the fantastic 50's music. I know that each generation has its own style but those were the GOOD DAYS!!!!!!! Thank you so much for where you have taken us here! God bless you!
14 October 2011 - Northwest Missouri
Stephen Gustafson
You have done a great service to the heart. May God especially bless people like you. Amen.
14 October 2011 - Maryland
Stone Stewart
In memorium of Jim Watson. Jim passed on 10/13/11 to the hills and meadows where he and Shep once again run and play.
14 October 2011 - Tucson, Az
jeanne doko
It's wonderful to hear the old memory song like this...It's healing!!Thank u for this collection!
13 October 2011 - San Leandro, CA,

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