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zo als Elvis was er maar één en is voor mij nog altijd nummer één dit is een prachtige site
16 October 2011 - Belgié sinaai
I love everything about your site.
Thank you so much Carolyn.
You are a God send that makes my day perfect.Your friend in Christ, Ethel
15 October 2011 - Indiana
Mary Catherine
i have SO enjoyed the stroll down Memory Lane with the fantastic 50's music. I know that each generation has its own style but those were the GOOD DAYS!!!!!!! Thank you so much for where you have taken us here! God bless you!
14 October 2011 - Northwest Missouri
Stephen Gustafson
You have done a great service to the heart. May God especially bless people like you. Amen.
14 October 2011 - Maryland
Stone Stewart
In memorium of Jim Watson. Jim passed on 10/13/11 to the hills and meadows where he and Shep once again run and play.
14 October 2011 - Tucson, Az
jeanne doko
It's wonderful to hear the old memory song like this...It's healing!!Thank u for this collection!
13 October 2011 - San Leandro, CA,
Michael Williams
Carolyn what a truly fabulous page you have made many people very happy, and you have certainly made my Blue Moon Turn to Gold Again thank you
12 October 2011 - Bolton England
Charla Nunnemaker
This is the song played at my dads funeral. How true it is.
12 October 2011
Lourdes Girau
This is really wonderful. Thank you for creating this site.
12 October 2011 - Miam, Florida
He does live on if only in his music and our hearts!
11 October 2011 - Pennsylvania
bella sheehan |
thank you for sharing this with me and making it available to be passed on.
thanks for the music
How great He is our Lord and saviour
8 October 2011 - australla
Miss Verna
It's 11:00 P M & listening to this
peaceful music HOW Great thou Are, as My pillow is calling Me to prayer. Good nite GOD Bless Us all & the USA
6 October 2011 - Gulfport, Florida USA
wonderful site
4 October 2011 - Pennsylvania
Mary Jo Davidson
Thanks so much for this beautiful site. It really is a Blessing.
4 October 2011 - Gilmer, Tx
Rebecca Cheung
I must say I admire you to create such a beautiful and absolute wonderful page to remember Elvis. I thank you with all my heart. Never see such a precious work for Elvis before. Marvelous ain't enough to express my feelings. I cried softly as I listen to the selected song for the Home Page with FORGET ME NEVER, I love you and thank you for all that you've done for Elvis and his fans all over the world. THANK YOU, CAROLYN.
4 October 2011 - Belgium

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