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Anyone who ever grew up knowing Elvis and watching has to agree he was the greatest entertainer, singer on the face of earth. He had a God given talent and made so much of it. Still can not believe even after seeing all the awards, trophies and all he made in such a short career. He was amazing! No one will ever top him. He was the greatest! I miss him today and will always. Just thankful for the music he left behind for us. And movies.
2 December 2011 - USA
Thankyou-- This page was sent to me from a friend.I will send this on. Thankyou for the songs-How Great Thou Art.In these troubled times This is a place where i can come and rest. May GOD Bless you and your house .Very beautiful Rest Stop----
2 December 2011 - CANADA
Cool nostalgic site! Especially the Porky Pig "Blue Christmas"
2 December 2011 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Elsie Dart
This is the GREATEST SITE on the WEB
I Thank You for Putting this on, I will
Always Love Elvis, he was The BEST.
2 December 2011 - Groton, Connecticut
William Sass
Carolyn, Thanks so much for these wonderful tunes. Inspirational as well as an emotional rollercoaster of good years gone by. Bless you always
2 December 2011 - Cape Town, South Africa
Ellen Lily Sergas
This is the best email I have ever received. I am an Elvis fan from the Ed Sullivan days when Elvis was not sopposed to move his hips as only he knew how.......and sing. Love it and him, Thanks for the memories. Ellen
1 December 2011 - Ontario, Canada
Judy |
Thanks for the newsletter Carolyn. You had some great pages listed on it with beautiful backgrounds on them as usual. God bless my friend Judy
1 December 2011 - NY
Judy |
Been browsing some of your pages as haven't been on here much this past year after I closed my site and bad health that put me in the hospital twice. Just looking at your beautiful pages and the site is running again thank God. Have a blessed day. Love Judy
1 December 2011 - NY
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents by bringing us the music we all love!
30 November 2011 - United States of America
Dan in South Carolina
just love the site--visit it a couple times a day -- can't wait for more --thanks for sharing the good days--
30 November 2011 - South Carolina
greatest singer of all time.
30 November 2011 - hongkong
Sydney Franklin
Thanks so much for sharing this marvellous collection. I've been a huge Elvis fan since day one, although in my teens I was kinda jealous of him.
Gwen Schoeneman
I Love Your Site Thank You For Bringing Some Music Back That I Haven't Heard In A Long Time. When I Listening To Them It Makes My Day Go By So Clear. Have A Great Day And Again Thank You
29 November 2011 - Ocoee Fl.
Ria Internetmoedertje |
I Love Elvis :-)
29 November 2011 - Nederland - NoordBrabant
Ria Internetmoedertje |
Prachtige site:
I Love Elvis Presley :-)
29 November 2011 - Nederland

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