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Jim Leggett
Love the music, as I grew up listening to all these songs. A great time to be alive....Thanks for publishing Jim
3 January 2012
Jesse Hickman
Those were my teenage years, what a good time it was.
2 January 2012 - Needles California----U S A
Karen Simms
Thanks for sharing such a great collection of Elvis' music. Beautiful
website too! Happy New Year!
2 January 2012 - Victoria Harbour, Ontario Canada
Bobby G.
thank you for those wonderful songs
they were great Memories,..
1 January 2012 - Cherry Valley calif.
Willie Clark
Reminds me of June,1955 when I saw Elvis at the "Louisiana Hayride" in Shreveport, Louisiana. Good Times then.
31 December 2011 - Louisiana, U.S.A.
Tony Fernandez
I was born in 1970 but I love the music from the 50's & 60's. Great web site.
31 December 2011 - Australia
Claude Patrick Larose
Lets bring back the Fifties keep his Memories alive.
30 December 2011 - Australia
Love this site
30 December 2011 - Winnipeg Canada
Jesse Hendrix
I love your site.Praise God for nice people like you.
29 December 2011 - United States
lawrence sullivan
happy new year to all at carolyns may the lord bless all our big family
29 December 2011 - malta
Dr. John
This is truly the best of the best web site there is. Thanks so very much Carolyn, May our heavenly father continuue to bless you and yours.
28 December 2011 - McEwen, TN.
kevin smith
nice site like it a lot...
28 December 2011 - ct.
Excellent site and music. Memories are always with us regard;ess of whatever else happens. Thanks
28 December 2011 - Canada
26 December 2011 - HOBOKEN IN BELGIE
MaryLou Sakosky |
I been thru chemo and life support since the last time i wrote,Health is rough.So Blessed to be here to spend another Christmaas with you.For so many years and tears,i have enjoyed so much on this site.I really hope you don't mind me bragging about you on facebook.Now that the preacher thinks i am a angel(lol) since i have made so many miracles in my life come true.I wish you the most wonderful Christmas ever and wish you would see my pics on fb cause Jesus came to me on here an i have it. Then printer broke an i don't care if no one believes,he just cares if i do..I love you Carolyn and may God Bless you
25 December 2011 - ohio (below is straight to Jesus)

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