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the rocker
He,s still the KING always was and will be
11 February 2012 - Holland Tilburg
Bert Hasbrouck
Bless you for bringing all these wonderful songs back.
11 February 2012 - United States
Helmut Karl Dokter
This is wonderfull singing bij the king of MUSIC.
I Like that and many other persons.
Greetings From the Netherland (DUTCH)
10 February 2012 - Netherland
John De Blieck
This music always brings back our fondest memories .Thank you Carolyn. I'm a writer and this music is great for my quiet time.
9 February 2012 - Boise,Idaho
Peter Casserly
Loved it. Is there any more?
9 February 2012 - Amityville, NY USA
Joe Holmes
If only for a short while, I'm back in High School, happy, with no cares or worries as I listen to this beautiful music. Wish I could go back there.
6 February 2012 - East Hampton, N.Y.
Mary Doan
What a beautiful site ! Thank you for putting this together. It's a great place to go to forget your worries. Love the music
6 February 2012 - Deltona Florida
Renee Patrick
I enjoy you site very, very much....
5 February 2012 - State of TENNESSEE
Joyce Rich
I know that Mr Summer was Elvis mentor and a great one for him both being christians. I was 14 when Elvis started out and have been with him all the way My heart is still full of love for the best singer in GOD'S choir. I have my own fan club and go to Elvis week as often as I can. He was so well loved and will always be in my heart forever
Thank you for letting me write this. God bless. Joyce Rich Wilmington, N.C.
5 February 2012
Deanna Schneider
What a wonderful website. Memories keep flooding back from this class of '57 alumnus (Helix High School, La Mesa, CA)
3 February 2012 - Spokane WA
Lois Magby
He was such an awesome singer, never knew he sang so many songs. He will always be remembered. Thank you for creating this page
31 January 2012 - DeRidder, Louisiana
Jill Barlow
How do i download this to my email address..!!
31 January 2012 - Oregon

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If you are wanting to be on the mail list you will have to sign up for it. I hope this helps.
Thank you for the beautiful music!
greetings from holland
29 January 2012 - netherlands ( holland)
Paul M
I can't get the music to play , I hear the intro from Bozzer , but when I click on a song I don't get any sound ?
29 January 2012
Going through a difficult time as I caught my husband cheating on me with a friend of ours. God has given me a steep mountain to climb with only ice on its path. My heart was his from the moment we met in May 1963.
I loved him a LOT, he didn't love me enough to say NO.
I would have moved heaven and earth for him if I could have.
28 January 2012 - US

Webmaster comments   Praying for you. God Loves You...

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