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Suzie Dilly
Beautiful web site Carolyn.....
7 March 2012 - Jacobsburg, Ohio

Webmaster comments   Thank You Suzie for coming to check out my site. I am glad your liked it and left me a note.:)
Janet Scharmer
7 March 2012 - Houston,MN
Betty Turner
Love this site...
6 March 2012 - Elkmont, Alabama
Don Taylor
wonderful site
1 March 2012 - CR Iowa
Amazing this website so much work,
thanks thanks
greetings Dini
29 February 2012 - Holland
richard w. skipper
carolyn, you must be a great lady to put such love and detail into your site.tears come to my eyes as i listen to the great gospel songs and i think of my mom and all my christian aunts and uncles up in heaven looking down on us. thanks again for all your efforts.
28 February 2012 - pollock pines,cal95726

Webmaster comments   Richard, I love gospel music and have been singing since a young teen. I am glad that you have been blessed by songs you have heard on my site.My singing family and friends are in heaven too. Some day we will have a Great Reunion Day when Jesus comes back. And He is coming back.Or if I pass before He comes back, I am on my way to heaven.I want everyone to meet in heaven.
God Bless You,
MaryLou Sakosky |
U hope you are not mad at me shareing you with all my blessed friends on a site called jesus love you ..well with over 25000 followers i thoughr after being with you for over 10 ..YOU needed shared..Since my lifesupport and making it thru it,Carolyn i have to have to have a purpose..even my preacher calls me the angle he always knew hw'd meet ==so that open heart,chemo an now the coma w/phnemonia .. an i still beat all odds?? WOW prayer is a powerful AND I know for a fact he is here in GO HERE AN SEE WHAT APPERED ON MY SCREEN just when i said i could'mt do chemo no more an i said"" Jesus what am i going to do??""" HE HELPED ME FOR 24 MONTHS
he sent me this PLEASE YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE!/photo.php?fbid=10150603771462664&set=a.10150122390382664.325571.695012663&type=3&theaterr --I JUST LOVE YOU CAROLYN AND YOUR FAITH HAS ALSO GOTTEN ME THRU --BLESS YOU MY FRIEND
28 February 2012 - TROY OHIO

Webmaster comments   God Bless You MaryLou, You share on facebook or how ever your can. Get the word out that Jesus Loves Everyone, and He is coming back for us one day very soon.John 3:19
Love and Prayers
My father-in-law and I was fishing buddys. We drove all night to fish on the Owens river. We layed out and look at all the stars. There were so many stars cause the air was clear and no lights to cut them out you see. Any way he was first to get his line into the water, just had to beat me, lol. I love him like a father son should and yes we had a great time together so happy birthday day in heaven Dad. miss you
27 February 2012 - Fresno, Calif.
Jeanne Jordan
This a wonderful site! My heart hurts missing him so!
26 February 2012 - South Webster,Ohio
Just browsing and enjoying gospel music. Found an old favorite "Telephone To Glory" I can hear my dad singing along. Thanks fot the memories.
24 February 2012 - Dayton, OH USA
Denny Everest
This is just a great site. Thank you for this enjoyable music.
20 February 2012 - Baltimore, Maryland
Carl Dobkins Jr. |
Thanks for including my song in your memories.
19 February 2012 - Cincinnati, OH USA
Gealdine Thalis
I loved Elvis from cildhood. I often go back in time when I hear Elvis...especially when I play the songs from the 50s and 60s. It still brings a tear to my eyes. Still love him...always will.
17 February 2012 - India
Jerry Morris |
I got your site address from my sister, visited and wanted to let you know it's great! You have put a lot of time, love and talent it the making.

As a fan of Elvis, when he passed I wrote a tribute to him titled, " The Greatest" I got to see him in concert, and met Ron Tutt and talked to him drummer to drummer. My site where my bio is One of the sites my music is at is
You can listen to "The Greatest" at this site and at
16 February 2012 - Canton, Mi
Thanks for the Elvis Presley songs. I have been in love with this man since I was 15 yrs. old when I first heard his Blue Suede Shoes. I loved his dreamy eyes, the curl to his lips, his hair, his sincerity, the loving son that he was and how generous he was with his friends, he had so many friends and so many bodyguards, but when he died no one was beside him, he died a lonely life, how sad, he was the most beautiful person in this world, we should all be like him. Thanks for this beautiful site.
15 February 2012 - Florida

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