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Robert John Daehn Jr.
I loved all his music. He was a wonderful singer. Sure wish he was here.
19 April 2012 - Aransas Pass Texas
John Mears
Fabulous site Carolyn, don't know how you did it but thank you so much for sharing this with all of us who remember "The King".
19 April 2012 - England
William Wasson
Thankyavery much, I always have one more Elvis tear to shed and share. Good job, thanks for taking the time.
18 April 2012 - Broadmoor Village, Ca.
Joyce Ramer
Thank you for such beautiful music!
16 April 2012 - Markham, Ontario, Canada
Love your website. Love the ole Gospel Songs. Thank you, God Bless.
15 April 2012 - Indiana
Rick Sundahl
Fabulous site and memories from high school, college and up to the present....I even noticed myself in the picture when the song "The Stroll" by the Diamonds plays. Thank you so much for all your work and efforts to put this together !
11 April 2012 - Orange County, Calif.

Webmaster comments   Hi Rick,
Thank you for your nice comments on my site.. If you can, send me a email with the names of the others in "The Stroll" and I will add your names on that page.
Thanks again
By Files
Thank you so much for providing such a great site with great music and for bringing back cherished memories. Words can]t describe everything that I feel when I'm here.
11 April 2012
Dianna Ryan
I love your sight. My does it bring back good memories of youth and simpler times. Its a shame our young people today can't experience the good music we always enjoyed.
10 April 2012 - Virginia
Wilma van Zutphen
Wonderful website. It brings back beautiful memories, from the time when I was sweet 16.
Thank you!
9 April 2012 - The Netherlands
T. Parker
Wonderful Site! God bless.
9 April 2012 - Eastern NC (USA)
Jim Pearson
Thanks this bings by alot of lost memories., again thanks
7 April 2012 - Layton, Utah
camilla ahlström
6 April 2012 - sweden
Eleanor Goble
May I share this on fb
5 April 2012 - Ky.

Webmaster comments   Sure go ahead.. Thank You.
Blessings for a great Easter..
Carol Miller
Thank you for sharing these songs with all of us. And thank you for sharing "How Great Thou Art" on this guestbook site! Praise God!
4 April 2012 - Rootstown, Ohio
What a very nice page, and you can also find everythig your looking for as well. love, love, love it!
3 April 2012 - daytonabeach, fl.

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