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Brenda Richards
I am amazed at the technology that allows me to hear Elvis sing (just to me) whenever I want to hear his wonderful voice. Thank you.
28 May 2012 - Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Terry Bryceson
What an absolute marvelous site. So good to hear all those great songs again.
28 May 2012 - Australia
I love Elvis, and will always love his music and his beautiful voice. Thank you for this great site. Blessings to you.
28 May 2012 - Texas, USA
Chris Lively
Carolyn's Precious Memories site is
Wonderful. Praise the Lord!!
27 May 2012 - Kimberly,wv
Thank you so much for this wonderful site I love it and will be back to hear all the great music from the fifties.
25 May 2012 - USA
Walter McGreevy
Thanks for the memories. I graduate in 59 in Sandusky, Ohio and I have such great memories and enjoyed dancing rock-n-roll. Thank you Lord for the great life
25 May 2012 - Retired in Lakeland, FL
Fred & Joan Gaucher
My wife met in 1962,We got married in May 25 1963.Your site bring back all the great memorys.Thank You
25 May 2012 - Thompson Connecticut
Ken Dean
This is such a brilliant site for Windows computers but does anyone know to get it to work on an iMac computer. I'm getting desperate!!
23 May 2012 - Queensland, Australia.

Webmaster comments   I'm not sure about the Mac. I do know some have them and no complaints. It is probably settings on yours. But I don't know how to help. I'm sorry.
Thank you..
Love ELVIS always and forever
22 May 2012
Love these old Melodies
21 May 2012
Janet Simpson
Adore this song for many reasons
21 May 2012
Hoa Small
Beautiful song. A friend sent me this info. She got married in 1971. Yesterday was my 39th Wedding Anniversary. I enjoy the song, will show it to Richard tomorrow. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness Fran.
20 May 2012 - Virginia, USA
Gladys Brown
How lovely! -your beautiful site and prayer in song. Listening to this I feel I can float away to peaceful sleep in His Presence.
16 May 2012 - Langley, BC
Its great listening to these old songs of our youth
15 May 2012 - New Zealand
Patty Grzegorek
This Is the GREATEST website. Thank you so much for bringing back so many great memories. Especially my Man ELVIS.Your website is great, Im sending it to everyone.
14 May 2012 - Southgate, Michigan

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