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Thanks for the lovely memories of my youth---I can't tell you what they meant to me. I had such a happy time and I wish the kids of today could know what we experienced but those days are gone. I grew up in Brooklyn NY and live in the deep South last 26 years. It surely is different here but we like it.
6 June 2012 - Charlotte NC
Linda Barge
I love the poem about your daddy, I miss my daddy too. I know that I will see him too in heaven one day. I praise God for my daddy and that he was saved.He was a good daddy and he loved us kids.Thank you for sharing your letter with us.God Bless you and your family.
3 June 2012 - Middletown, Ohio
JanIe Wolfe
How Great he indeed is!!!
2 June 2012 - Lincolnton NC
Janie Wolfe
Yes, How Great GOD IS!!!! I Love this song and I love MY GOD!!!!
2 June 2012 - Lincolnton NC
Thanks so much for your work. I do enjoyed your emails and your songs
2 June 2012 - North Carolina
Jerry Ingersoll
Love our Lord, love your site.!
A Texas Redneck, Viet.Nam vet.
Love our Lord, Love you site.!
Viet. Nam vet.
Wills Point TX
2 June 2012 - TEXAS
Francoise Paull
there's nothing like listening to those beautiful songs, thank you.
30 May 2012 - Vancouver, B.C. Canada
van de perre L.
I love old music. This is an amazing side
29 May 2012 - Belgium
Dave Shindledecker
Great Site! We saw Elvis in concert twice in the 70's. None Better. Still brings goosebumps.
28 May 2012 - Long Beach, California
Brenda Richards
I am amazed at the technology that allows me to hear Elvis sing (just to me) whenever I want to hear his wonderful voice. Thank you.
28 May 2012 - Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Terry Bryceson
What an absolute marvelous site. So good to hear all those great songs again.
28 May 2012 - Australia
I love Elvis, and will always love his music and his beautiful voice. Thank you for this great site. Blessings to you.
28 May 2012 - Texas, USA
Chris Lively
Carolyn's Precious Memories site is
Wonderful. Praise the Lord!!
27 May 2012 - Kimberly,wv
Thank you so much for this wonderful site I love it and will be back to hear all the great music from the fifties.
25 May 2012 - USA
Walter McGreevy
Thanks for the memories. I graduate in 59 in Sandusky, Ohio and I have such great memories and enjoyed dancing rock-n-roll. Thank you Lord for the great life
25 May 2012 - Retired in Lakeland, FL

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