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Love your website.
8 September 2017 - Ontario, Canada

Webmaster comments   Thank You so much. I hope you will continue to visit. I will be sharing Christmas pages soon with my mail list. Blessings, Carolyn
Ken Frazier
My parents were raised in Choctaw county and were neighbors of the Blackwood Bros. parents. My wife and I know all about those wonderful concerts keeping us up until the wee hours of the morning
20 May 2017

Webmaster comments   We sang in many all night singing conventions. Also sang in many conventions as they were called back in the day, with The Blackwood Brothers. Great friends and great guys. Thanks for signing in. Blessings, Carolyn
Marylou Sakosky
I finally see a picture of you and mama. You sure hit home and i cried like a baby listening and reading your story. I miss my mama so much and wish I was a better daughter than I was. So many ''forgive me Lord'' I have said. I am sure she hears my cry of sorry. I too was able to enjoy her till she was 83 and me 51.Now at 58 how i say i miss her more is on me. Whole family has passed since. I seemed to have loss all in the 6 weeks of her. Hubby,brother, her. Being alone makes me know how grateful I was to have the love and support I did. Now, I am on a scooter and disabled and really would love to hug them one more time. I know Father God will grace me someday and together again we will be.
Now that I know what you and your mama look like, I feel blessed to know , if i run into your Mama, I may get my hair done too!! Love you Carolyn ,.After all these years you always know when to write.
Currently reading When a Woman meets Jesus. Remarkable book . Should of read this sooner in life.
I am so blessed to have known you too ;) God love ya. O:-)
10 May 2017 - troy ohio

Webmaster comments   Marylou, Thank you for sharing your story. If you ask you are forgiven of all we have done.
You can go my mail section in the family and see more pictures and also my testimony. I do love my Lord.
Blessing my friend.
Thank you for signing the guestbook too. Blessings, Carolyn
Barb Hegman
Spent several hours with these oldies (I'm 82). Thanks so much.
6 May 2017 - NW Wisconsin Woods
Brenda Van Hemmen
I just love all you old songs and telling us how you are. U do an awsome job!!!
7 April 2017 - Oshawa Ontario Canada.
John a. Gardiner
27 February 2017 - Pasadena Md.
Pauline MacLean
Carolyn these are two of my most loved hymns , Thankyou so much I really enjoyed them .Hope you are feeling better and please make sure I stay on your mailing list .GOD BLESS AND CARE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !
7 February 2017 - Oshawa Ontario Canada

Webmaster comments   Pauline, Thank you for signing the guestbook. I am so glad you enjoy the hymns and they are you favorite. I don't remove anyone from my mail list, so know you are on it forever. Smiles
Blessings, Carolyn
Woody Tressmer
The girl dancing in the photo associated with the song "So Fine" looks just like my wife back in the late 50s. In fact when I showed it to her she said, "Who is that guy I'm dancing with?" For a moment she thought it was her. Thanks for the memories.
2 February 2017 - Coloma, MI

Webmaster comments   Hello Woody,
It just might be her. Thank you for your nice comments. Blessings, Carolyn
Arno Zegers
Dit is prachtig dat ik hier aangekomen ben en heerlijk kan genieten en ontspannen van Elvis . TOPTOPTOP
24 January 2017 - Venlo Nederland

Webmaster comments   Thank You, Enjoy... Blessings, Carolyn
I have always loved Elvis since I was 10 yrs old !
11 January 2017 - Memphis, TN
Teressa and Stevie Pinson
Thanks for your poems,songs,
reciepps and etc also please be in much prayer for my husband for he's got Cancer,in his adrenal gland on the right side and a place by his Liver, he's already beat stage 4 lung cancer with JESUS even though the dr says once you are is stage4 that's what you stay in!!!but Prayer said different A-men Thank-you very much and will be praying for all of us for this New-Year
29 December 2016 - Ohio USA

Webmaster comments   Hello Friends,
I am glad you enjoy my sites and what I have on them.
Yes I will pray for your husband Steve. God knows and He will take good care of Steve. I will also add the prayer request on some other books. They are private too. Yes let us all agree this will be a Safe and Happy New Year. God Bless you both. Blessing, Carolyn
geoff pollard
your clever site has filled me with such feelings of nostalgia.
thank you
17 December 2016 - united kingdom
A heart warming story of George. It says to share the page but How? so beautiful
28 November 2016 - Melbourne Beach, Fl.

Webmaster comments   Roxanne,If you want to share the page about George at the gas station, look for the Share with friends buton. They are changing things so much and even I had to download Google Chrome and make sure you have your default mail set for you computer. My desktop is Windows 7, so I use live mail. It will come up with a email and the page and link will be there for you. But I am finding that Google Chrome or a browser for your computer is best. Okay.. Blessings, Carolyn
Janita Osmond
I love your site, have been listening to your Christmas pages. Merry Christmas to all!
26 November 2016 - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
don williams
Love the wonderful music
23 November 2016 - St.John,s Newfoundland and Labrador Canada

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