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Yours is a great site. I'm only 50 years old but I have always loved Southern gospel music and the music of the 50's. The "old paths" are truly the best
1 January 2018 - Murfreesboro, TN
Nancy Thorson
Loved Sonny James, but had never heard this before. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I appreciate all the music to bring to me.
15 December 2017 - Tallahassee, Fl
Oscar Limcauco
Great site, Always an Elvis fan.
13 December 2017 - NSW Australia
Jim Benson
Love Carolyn's Christmas songs and the 50's music.
2 December 2017 - Arden, North Carolina
Ruby Hannah
May God Bless you and may you also have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I enjoy your page .
2 December 2017 - Tennessee
Iris Emerson
I have loved your "Precious Memories" for years.
19 November 2017 - New Hudson, Michigan
18 November 2017 - MALTA
Patricia A Eunis
18 November 2017 - Johnson City TN 37601
Jerry Ray Needham
I love Jesus and all this music from the past( 1956-1960.
16 November 2017 - Baird, Texas

Webmaster comments   I love Jesus too, and music from the late 50's to 60's..Smiles.. Blessings, Carolyn
found you just by luck.your site made me cry. you are a blessing thank you.
22 October 2017 - los angeles ca.

Webmaster comments   Thank You, I hope you will visit me each day. Blessings, Carolyn
Christmas Sharing with my mail list folk soon..
Incredible.such a invaluable websites.
16 October 2017 - Burkina Faso

Webmaster comments   Thank You.. I hope you will continue to enjoy. Blessings, Carolyn
Lovely Webpage, Continue the good work. Thanks.
27 September 2017 - Burkina Faso

Webmaster comments   Thank you for your visits and I hope you will continue. Blessings, Carolyn
Christmas sharing soon..
Love your website.
8 September 2017 - Ontario, Canada

Webmaster comments   Thank You so much. I hope you will continue to visit. I will be sharing Christmas pages soon with my mail list. Blessings, Carolyn
Ken Frazier
My parents were raised in Choctaw county and were neighbors of the Blackwood Bros. parents. My wife and I know all about those wonderful concerts keeping us up until the wee hours of the morning
20 May 2017

Webmaster comments   We sang in many all night singing conventions. Also sang in many conventions as they were called back in the day, with The Blackwood Brothers. Great friends and great guys. Thanks for signing in. Blessings, Carolyn
Marylou Sakosky
I finally see a picture of you and mama. You sure hit home and i cried like a baby listening and reading your story. I miss my mama so much and wish I was a better daughter than I was. So many ''forgive me Lord'' I have said. I am sure she hears my cry of sorry. I too was able to enjoy her till she was 83 and me 51.Now at 58 how i say i miss her more is on me. Whole family has passed since. I seemed to have loss all in the 6 weeks of her. Hubby,brother, her. Being alone makes me know how grateful I was to have the love and support I did. Now, I am on a scooter and disabled and really would love to hug them one more time. I know Father God will grace me someday and together again we will be.
Now that I know what you and your mama look like, I feel blessed to know , if i run into your Mama, I may get my hair done too!! Love you Carolyn ,.After all these years you always know when to write.
Currently reading When a Woman meets Jesus. Remarkable book . Should of read this sooner in life.
I am so blessed to have known you too ;) God love ya. O:-)
10 May 2017 - troy ohio

Webmaster comments   Marylou, Thank you for sharing your story. If you ask you are forgiven of all we have done.
You can go my mail section in the family and see more pictures and also my testimony. I do love my Lord.
Blessing my friend.
Thank you for signing the guestbook too. Blessings, Carolyn

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