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Steve L
These were the days when music was music
14 February 2011 - new fairfield c.
Joyce Cantrell
This showed up in my "inbox" at just the right time. My grand daughter is getting married and I was looking up love songs and here were some wonderful ones... My grand daughter and her fiance are great Christian kids and so dedicated to The WORD, these wonderful sacred songs by Elvis makes me wonder if he believed what he sang. I think he did.
14 February 2011 - Florida

Webmaster comments   I believe Elvis loved the Lord. My daughter had a beautiful garden wedding with Elvis music !
Congratulations to the happy couple.
Judith McKinney
There will NEVER be anyone like him
14 February 2011 - United States
This is wonderful! And brings back SO many fond memories. Thank you!
14 February 2011 - Regina, Canada
Barbra Campbell
Absolutely AWESOME!!!! Love it!
14 February 2011 - Edmonton, AB Canada
Love the Floyd Cramer religius melodies. Brings back memories.
14 February 2011 - Minneapolis,MN
Juliet James |
Your pages are so very well done. Great to see and hear something clean and wholesome. What has happened to this so-called music of today? I am going to keep your "jukebox" open and play each and every song. Thanks for your obvious talent!
14 February 2011 - Marthasville, MO
Louise Gentile
Just lovin it. Thx sooooooo much!!!! What wonderful memories they are.
14 February 2011 - Bloomfield New Jersey
Gary Thorne
Great Music
14 February 2011 - Burlington Ont Canada
Beautiful song God Bless you for this page and memories it brings to all that are blessed by this song
14 February 2011 - Asheville,NC 28806
I love all these songs. Brings back some wonderful memories! Sometimes I wish we could go back and relive those days!
14 February 2011 - New Jersey
Margaret and Leland Evans
My niece sent this to us, it is a perfect song to play for our 60th anniversary in August. Vince Gills Look at us! Beautiful song
14 February 2011 - Washington State
Brenda Branum |
I love this one !!
14 February 2011 - USA
14 February 2011 - BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA
Bill Wexler
Wow, I'm blown away with this very well put together beautiful site. Had tears in my eyes, not because of any regrets, but of joy of listening to the voices of the past and reading the lyrics and history of the songs. As a former DJ in the 50's & 60's for many a dance, I say thank you which is not enough words to express to you for putting this together for the WORLD to enjoy.
13 February 2011 - Montreal Quebec

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