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lovely site ,and so nice to sing along to the oldies ,,love it ,
15 February 2011 - west sussex
Thank you for sharing such incredible music and memories. Quite uplifting in today's world. We lived the best of times, that's for sure. Warm regards, MaryAnn
15 February 2011 - Florida
Mike Bunch
What a lovely site! So refreshing in this day and age.
15 February 2011 - London
Great music and it is nice to have the lyrics too! Very uplifting, bringing back memories of wonderful times. Many thanks for having this available!
15 February 2011 - Southwick, MA
Mary Lou
Wow, this is sooo cool and it's free. Thank you so much for bringing back such great memories of a wonderful times for my sister, Betty Sue, and myself.
15 February 2011 - Las Cruces, New Mexico
I love to listen to the golden oldies from the 50's and 60's.
14 February 2011 - Souther New Jersey, USa
14 February 2011 - California
katlyn e meyers
when ever im down or felling bad i go to my room n get a elvis cd n lisen to it it helps me fell better no matter what and i see a lot of pople act or sing like elvis but no one is as good as real elvis aarion presley and he will alawys be in my heart forver and always
14 February 2011 - usa
David C. Wall, Sr.
Still the best music in the frame of time
14 February 2011 - Fl. USA
Angie Arnold
What an awesome site you have created! Love the 50's/60's music! There is nothing like the old hymns! They are what I grew up with. How anyone can hear them and not believe there is a God, I can't understand. Only God could have inspired them! Thank you! Thank you for being such an instrument of His love. Many blessings to you.
14 February 2011 - Raleigh, NC
Steve L
These were the days when music was music
14 February 2011 - new fairfield c.
Joyce Cantrell
This showed up in my "inbox" at just the right time. My grand daughter is getting married and I was looking up love songs and here were some wonderful ones... My grand daughter and her fiance are great Christian kids and so dedicated to The WORD, these wonderful sacred songs by Elvis makes me wonder if he believed what he sang. I think he did.
14 February 2011 - Florida

Webmaster comments   I believe Elvis loved the Lord. My daughter had a beautiful garden wedding with Elvis music !
Congratulations to the happy couple.
Judith McKinney
There will NEVER be anyone like him
14 February 2011 - United States
This is wonderful! And brings back SO many fond memories. Thank you!
14 February 2011 - Regina, Canada
Barbra Campbell
Absolutely AWESOME!!!! Love it!
14 February 2011 - Edmonton, AB Canada

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