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Bob Wofford
Boy do I love you beautiful site. What memories this brings to me, and so well done. God bless..........
18 February 2011
Barbara Gayle Ryan
A love story remembered as I listen to this great music.
18 February 2011 - Alabama
Don Gage
Probably one of the best web-sites ever. I graduated from High School in 1955 and was still young enough to enjoy the 60's. Your site brings back some of the best memories ever. I tell my kids and grand-kids these were the greatest times ever and wish they could experience them and listen to the greatest music ever.
18 February 2011 - I live in Roseville, Ca
Chuck Robertson
I absolutely love this site. The details provided in addition to the songs are what makes this site so special. It's obvious that a lot of love for this music went into the creation of this site. I will share with all my friends. Great job!
18 February 2011 - California
alta gurecky
great site!!! enjoyed the songs very much
18 February 2011 - wallis, texas 77485
Alec (the Phonse) Moffat
Long preceeded Henery Winkler, twas a nickname based on Al Capone's real name, "Alphonse Capone" The years can never be recaptured, but the memories can never be lost. Even my kids, and grandkids enloy it!
18 February 2011 - Center of the universe, LaFoilles Malt Shop
paul eric venables
50s-60s-what a time memories to many even to try to remember,great times
18 February 2011 - uk
patricia madrid
So glad to be able to access your computer crashed in October n my new one has changed alot of things..but your here! Praise The Lord! My daddy went to heaven at age 92. My momma is still with us at age 96! They were married in March 1935,Daddy passed January 1999 just short of their 64th anniversary..lookin at your pics reminds me of my parents!..I am happy to be able to enjoy your music once again!..Thank You an God keep you busy n well!
17 February 2011 - Chino, California
Erick W. Miller
I was so young and innocent when this came out. I sure hope that I get to be a kid again in Heaven.
17 February 2011 - I'm from Chicago, but live in Dover, Tennessee with way too
Darlene Koller
How beautiful and bittersweet. The 50's and 60's are my best music memories. That's when my husband and I fell in love. This was our time.
17 February 2011 - United States of America/ Mason, Ohio
Vince Gil is my absolute favorite singer and Look At Us is my favorite song. Thank you so much for sharing.
17 February 2011 - Vermont
John Pouch |
I own and operate the website, Let The Good Times Roll and have put your link on my site because of its wonderful contribution to those by gone days that we will never forget! Thank you for your wonderful site and all the work you have put into it!
17 February 2011 - Lost in the fifties
Fred Warner
Your "Favorite Music" page has "Remember When" by The Platters; when I watched the slide-show a photo taken in front of my old High School came up with our driver ed car and our Principal, history teacher and a couple students. How did you get it?? From 1956 or seven. I'm a '58 grad Crater H.S, Central Point,Or.
17 February 2011 - Roseburg,Or.

Webmaster comments   I don't know where the designer of that page got the photo.You can write Shari at SharisDesigns and ask her.
Thank You so much.
Carolyn Crow
I attended my 50 year class reunion last year. All these beautiful songs were played by our real live band. Thanks for you website, it brings back may wonderful memories. Carolyn
17 February 2011 - San Pedro, Calfornia
Gary Scott
Good Job Carolyn.
I myself am finding it ever more difficult to find reverse in my vehicle headed toward the future. I'm not sure I want to go. My heart and soul will remain in the true love I found in the 50's and 60's. I know I will have plenty of company when I return.

17 February 2011 - Hazel,Kentucky

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