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Mary F Mozingo
To day i'm 70 yrs, these have brought back the best memories, I know where i was and with who as these songs play, thanks for the wounderful memories.
19 February 2011

Webmaster comments   Happy Birthday Bessings!!
Judy Blackwood
19 February 2011 - Wisconsin
Gail (Lipton)Eckardt-Mazziotta
Thanks for the bring me back to carefree, happy moments.
19 February 2011 - Forest Hills, NY
Diana D Cheramie
this is so wonderful i will send this site to all my friends thanks
19 February 2011 - United States
enjoyed site which started with a musical e-mail
18 February 2011 - Sarasota
Patty Behary
Oh how we miss you! Was fortunate to see you perform in Vegas 3 times. Loved you then, love you now, your music will live forever......
18 February 2011 - Paulden AZ.
Lois Winters
Thank you for all these lovely memories. I truly do appreciate them.
18 February 2011 - Madison, NJ U.S.A.
John Lezousky
Remember and know all of them still.
Class of 1957
Tamaqua, Pa.
18 February 2011 - Thanks for the memories.
Fred Cramer
Thank you for the memories. Wonderful site. May be best site ever.
18 February 2011 - Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada
Bob Wofford
Boy do I love you beautiful site. What memories this brings to me, and so well done. God bless..........
18 February 2011
Barbara Gayle Ryan
A love story remembered as I listen to this great music.
18 February 2011 - Alabama
Don Gage
Probably one of the best web-sites ever. I graduated from High School in 1955 and was still young enough to enjoy the 60's. Your site brings back some of the best memories ever. I tell my kids and grand-kids these were the greatest times ever and wish they could experience them and listen to the greatest music ever.
18 February 2011 - I live in Roseville, Ca
Chuck Robertson
I absolutely love this site. The details provided in addition to the songs are what makes this site so special. It's obvious that a lot of love for this music went into the creation of this site. I will share with all my friends. Great job!
18 February 2011 - California
alta gurecky
great site!!! enjoyed the songs very much
18 February 2011 - wallis, texas 77485
Alec (the Phonse) Moffat
Long preceeded Henery Winkler, twas a nickname based on Al Capone's real name, "Alphonse Capone" The years can never be recaptured, but the memories can never be lost. Even my kids, and grandkids enloy it!
18 February 2011 - Center of the universe, LaFoilles Malt Shop

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