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ELVIS is the KING of all music.
Elvis could Sing, Dance, Act, Play Music with all the charm and perfection one wishes they had. I personally enjoy performing ELVIS songs today with my Rock'n Roll band, "THE PINK CHEVY'S" and always will. Thank you ELVIS for giving us the best in Music/Movies/Dress Style/Classic Cars/Dance Style and everything else. ELVIS sadly left us all too soon as he had a lot more to give. Till we meet again. LONG LIVE THE KING!
20 February 2011 - SYDNEY N.S.W. AUSTRALIA
J. P. Dunbar
A friend shared this site with me and I am enjoying it very much.
20 February 2011 - United States
Charlie Thompson
I grew up in the 50s and 60s. What a great time to be a kid! Life goes too fast - seems like just yesterday I was cruising on Sat. night or sitting in the drive-in, or slow dancing with my girl! Still love to dance with 'my girl' of 42 years!
19 February 2011

Webmaster comments   Congratulations to you and your wife !! We just had our 42nd on Feb 9th.
Jerry Ward
So sad life will never ever be like it was back in the 50's.
19 February 2011 - Los Angeles
Larry Charleson
Back when music was really great and the singers could actually sing; and each song had a story to tell!!
19 February 2011
19 February 2011 - Ma
Bob Berner
As I sit here in the winter of my life, I look back at my friends in Irvington High School & realize just how good those days were
19 February 2011 - Dania Beach, Florida
To all my friends and family, life is passing way too fast.
19 February 2011 - Gig Harbor, WA
Patricia Lee
What great memories I still have a lot of these on 45 records and still love them Thank You
19 February 2011 - Florida
19 February 2011 - CLEARWATER FLORIDA
Jerry Hart
All in the Game was "Our Song" briefly in the summer of 1958 for L. A. and me. I never got to apoligise for the stupid way that I broke up with you.
19 February 2011 - Falls Church, VA
Derrill Miller
What a wonderful away for me (84) to recall my yesteryears. The selections are my very favorites.
19 February 2011 - San Jacinto, CA
Mary F Mozingo
To day i'm 70 yrs, these have brought back the best memories, I know where i was and with who as these songs play, thanks for the wounderful memories.
19 February 2011

Webmaster comments   Happy Birthday Bessings!!
Judy Blackwood
19 February 2011 - Wisconsin
Gail (Lipton)Eckardt-Mazziotta
Thanks for the bring me back to carefree, happy moments.
19 February 2011 - Forest Hills, NY

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