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carl springer
music is great. we are from the 50's. we listen to 50's on 5 on xm in our car. now we can listen to this in our home.
24 February 2011 - new jersey seashore
Sherry Baby
This is a great site. I can sit and listen to these all day. Thank You for bringing back so many memories.
24 February 2011 - Lowden, Iowa
carolyn rigby
Wow! This really brings back precious memories and tears.
24 February 2011 - us
david skevington
great nostalga,thanks
24 February 2011 - uk lincoln england
Cindy B. Landry
I love your site. I was born in the 50's,but I love that era of music. Thank you for sharing it with us.
24 February 2011 - Plaquemine, Louisiana
tony perez
love the old time stuff. takes me back a few years to my childhood.
24 February 2011 - Denver,CO
Since the loss of my sister,son and daughter to acts of homicide, I find it hard to listen to music, hard to put the disc in to play. But I was sent this site, I love Elvis Music. So thank you for allowing me to listen to his music. Good memories.
24 February 2011 - England.

Webmaster comments   I am so sorry to read about your sister, son and daughter.My prayers are with you..
Kent Keene
I love the oldies. Have my own 45 Juke box and collect records. Now have 6,000 to 8,000. Love music and love this site.
24 February 2011 - Andover, Kansas
John Korach
Thanks for the memories, like so many of your quests say, this music takes you right back to the 60's. Love it and thank you so much.
23 February 2011 - Sacramento, california
Dianne Roberts
so inspirational
23 February 2011 - Windsor On.Canada
Cheryl Damsgard
Absolutely Wonderful..............thank you so much for putting this together
23 February 2011 - Calgary Alberta Canada
Bonnie Stilke
The best of the best. How great to hear these wonderful songs again. Brings back so many happy memories and good times back in high school. Thanks.
23 February 2011 - Minnesota
I love this site. Thanks to a dear friend for sending it to me.
23 February 2011 - Edmonton, Alberta
Rhonda Ware
I have enjoyed their wonderful music all my life. I still sing so many of these songs in church today.
23 February 2011 - Alabama
Chuck Baird
My wife and I met four years after the song came out and we are still together today, almost 48 years later! This song was me prior to meeting the love of my life and thanks for giving me those feelings back again.
23 February 2011 - USA - Georgia

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