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Joel V. Elio
A beautiful, nostalgic, wonderful place to visit and hear good music.
1 March 2011 - Shirley, N.Y.
Love your site!
1 March 2011 - Canton, MI
Ray Naso
What a great site for us "oldies but goodies".Thank you!
1 March 2011 - Parma,Ohio
What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. Elvis lives for all of us who loved him. Thank you. Thank you.
1 March 2011 - South Africa
betty devereux
anything and everything is possible with GOD my cousin introduced me to this site bless her
1 March 2011
Myrnice Forte
This is a really great web site.
1 March 2011
Arlene Asp Meuchel- Milwaukie, Oregon
Go Bless you, Carolyn, For all of the many hours you've spent putting this awesome website together for all of us 50's kids. Ahhh the memories, the laughter & the tears we all shared and still do today. This music is really music, and the singers really knew how to sing, without the help they get today. The memories of crusin'the drag and burning the point, with our Lakers / pipes wide open, and singing these great songs. We could actually understand what was being sang, and we didn't have to worry that foul language would pop up and ruin it. We truly grew
up in the age of innocence; when fear was just a word in the dictionary, we didn't worry about our safety, we were innocent & happy and our friends then are they same friends who are still there for us now, some for over 60 years. I'm 71 years young, at least my heart tells me I am. I remember all of these wonderful old songs and its great to walk around singing them again. My daughter, has always felt cheated sense
she wasn't born until 1970. I feel for the kids today as they don't have anything compared to what we had. You
Carolyn, are one of God's treasures, for
caring enough to send us this wonderful, well thought out website.
Love & Many Blessings,
Arlene Asp Meuchel, Class of '57.
1 March 2011 - I live in Oregon, but was born & raised in Montana, where my
Ron Shambrook
Thank you so much for the wonderfull memories. I congratulate you for keeping his memory alive. Thank you once again. Ron.
1 March 2011 - Hervey Bay, ( Fraser Island ) Queensland. AUSTRALIA
Keith Tobin
Very nice. That was a great time for growing up.
28 February 2011 - Florida
Thank you for the time, energy and love you put on your web site.
28 February 2011 - Brentwood, California
W.C. (Dub) Simmons
I am 83 yrs. old and it is so good to hear some real music again.
28 February 2011
Sit back, close your eyes, Ahhhhhhhhh. Memories are made of this. Time travel IS possible.
28 February 2011 - Idaho, USA
sam elliott
Love this it's so great to listen to real music again...
28 February 2011 - New Port Riichey Fla.
Charles Barnes
Thanks for the memories
28 February 2011 - Rock Hill, S.C. 29732
Sue K
This is great.Thank you.
28 February 2011 - NE Ohio USA

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