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John | |
Happy Birthday Amber Linn as you play among all the precious angels in Heaven.
Love, John
If You Came Back From Heaven
20 February 2006 - Waynesboro, Virginia
Lara S. |
Today is a VERY special day! I know you are a big girl now...but when I saw the pink pansies and "Pooh" balloon, I couldn't help it. I hope you like them. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please continue to help your Mommy and Baby Brother, Colin. She is getting very anxious about his arrival!! Much Love to you on your BIRTHDAY!!!!!
20 February 2006 - Clovis, CA
Memaw Carolyn | |
Amber Linn, You are a big girl now.
Happy 12th Birthday. My, time does go by so fast. I miss you and love you.
You were so much fun and you gave us such Precious Memories.
Big Hugs
Your Memaw Forever
20 February 2006 - Calif
Gayle | |
Heather, I am praying for peace within your soul on this day. I think Amber is having a great party in Heaven with all the other angels. I am sure she knows of all the love in your heart for her. Bet she is excited about having a little brother. God bless you on Amber's Birthday.
20 February 2006 - USA
Heather aka Mommy |
Hi Baby Girl..... well not a baby anymore. I think I started to realize that last year. 12 yrs old. And probably getting into lots of mischief. Just like me when I was your age. I sure miss you. Mommy has already had a good cry this morning. I guess it doesnt help that I am ready to have your baby brother. I wish that you were here to help show him the ropes. But I know that really you are and that you met him before I did. I hope that today is a very special day for you. And that you get a very big cake. Hehe. Mommy and Daren went and had Ben & Jerrys on Thursday just for you. And it was yummy, a hot fudge sundae. Please remember that Mommy loves you and sends you kisses everyday. Watch over us angel. UUUUUUvvvvvvv ooooohhhhhh!!!!!!

glitter graphics
20 February 2006
billy kirwan (Rom828 |
Praying for you to have a restful day. Praying for peace within your soul
Praying for you in a special way
Yes, my dear Sister, I'm praying for you
20 February 2006 - California
Happy Birthday Angel!! I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and your family today!!I love you,
20 February 2006
Marie | |
Hi Heather, These are such beautiful pages but also very sad..How beautiful is Amber and also her gorgeous smile.. May God's peace be with you at this time, He loves you so much :)
19 February 2006 - Australia
Ryan Simmons
Just Came Across this site, Thought it was sad and had to sign the guest book
9 February 2006 - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Everett Blankenship |
My heart breaks as i have read this site. And truly God gained an angel that will outshine them all when Amber made it home. My eyes are filled with tears and i pray God's judgement on this monster who did this. You are forever in my prayers.
18 January 2006 - Swords Creek , Virginia
billy k (Rom828) |
I was deeply touched reading this the first time and I just read it again. I am so sorry for you and for the pain that little one had to go through. May the Father bless you.
26 December 2005 - California
billy kirwan |
Just want you to know I share your pain and hope you are over it for good. I have a younger brother waiting to meet me on the shores of Heaven too.
22 November 2005 - California
i love you web site it is great thank you
19 November 2005 - halifax nova scotia ,canada
Aunt Sue
I enjoyed reading "Mommy's Prayers" at Ambers site, very good
8 November 2005 - Oregon
billy kirwan (rom828) | |
I ache for you when I visit this site, but I know the comfort the Father is giving unto you every day.

love in Messiah
your adoptatered brother billy k (Rom828)
15 October 2005 - California

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