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Nell May Morgan | |
Beautiful Page and sorry for your loss! May God help you in your loss! Thank you for sharing this and as you have said may it Help someone who may be going through the same thing as you did!
14 March 2006 - Red Bluff,CA 96080
Ben Benjamin |
I was so touched by your story about little Amber. I lost two children and I know that one day I'll see them in Heaven. It was not like your situation but still hard. My little girl was 3 1/2 months old, beautiful blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. My little boy was 7 , also blue eyes and blonde hair. I know that God has them in his arms. God bless you and I will pray for you.
10 March 2006 - Golden Gulf coast of Mississippi
Lara S. |
I know you met your little brother before I did...before any of us did! He is so lucky to have an Angel to always watch over him and I know you will. Your Mommy is a very special person to me...and I love her to pieces! I miss you very much...
Love you! Colin is so beautiful! I can't wait to watch him grow!
2 March 2006 - Clovis CA
billy k (rom828) |
Hope you are having a good day. Praying for a your safety as Colin is delivered.
1 March 2006 - California (Is there anyplace else)
Trisha Maxwell | |
Dear Heather,

Came by to let you know that I'm thinking of you and your babies ...praying all will go well and hope to hear something good soon !

A little something I came across ...and thought you would like it !

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Click here for The Snowglobe of the Month!

Your friend,
26 February 2006 - Bristol TN.
billy kirwan (Rom828) |
Just a quick note to tell you you are in my prayers. I hope you have an easy birth and that the baby is healthy and happy. I am praying for you...

Praying for you, Yes, I am praying for you
Praying for peace and other things too
Praying His will in all that you do
Yes, sister Heather, I am praying for you...
22 February 2006 - California -- is there anyplace else
Nelva |
I know your Great Gandma & Grandpa, Aunt Dot, Uncle Arliss and so many more celebrated your 12th birthday in Heaven yesterday. 2/20/06
Heather, I know you are anxiously waiting for lil Collin to enter this world, and I am sure he can't wait to join your family. I am so happy God is Blessing you and Daren with a very beautiful little baby to love and cherish as you do Amber. Congratulations to you and Daren and Lil Collin, and Amber is anxiously waiting too! Luv to all of you.....
22 February 2006 - Fresno, CA
Shy | |
Dear Heather, My prayers and thoughts are with you today, and I would like to wish Amber Linn Happy Birthday. Her life I know brings you many sweet memories, she is beautiful. May you and your husband be so so blessed by the birth of your son, and may he love his big sister as much as so many do.
God be with you daily, is my prayer for you.
In Christ Name, love you, Shy
20 February 2006 - N C
aunt sue
our love and prayers are with you and will be with you forever, this is got to be a tough day for you, love you sweetie
20 February 2006 - bend, ore
Dark Blue Knight ~Eddie | |
My heart goes out to you Heather, and I can only say that no one can understand your feelings unless they have trodden the same path. By the grace of God I have not done that, but I do truly feel deeply for you. I pray that on this special day God will bless you and give you the strength you need. Dear Amber, what a beautiful girl, and so missed by you all. May this day be Amber's alone, and God's light shine on you all. (Eddie)
20 February 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Ardelle | |
Hi, as you are passing through the memory of your daughter, remember God loves you more than anyone & he knows
your pain & loss.
I pray your life will be blessed & the new baby will fill an empty place in your heart. You are in my prayers.
20 February 2006 - Oregon
Donna | |
Just wanted to let you know that I have you close in my heart and prayers today, sweetie :)
20 February 2006 - Everett, WA
Doede and Bill | |
Hello Precious Heather, Bill and I are sending hugs to your darlin and beautiful Amber Lynne.
Happy Birthday to you Precious Sweetheart Amber Lynne!! You must be enjoying your birthday cake with Jesus and His Angels surrounding you, as they are singing Happy Birthday to you.
Bill and I are looking forward to moments when we join you in our heavenly home, hugging you then.
Mamaw, has made you such a beautiful Web site and know you are very proud of her. Knowing you too, will be with your mommy in heart and spirit and your baby brother, snuggled close to each of them, when your little darlin brother arrives.As you will be holding Jesus hand when He is holding your Mommys, and baby's. Thank you Precious sharing your Mamaw and Papa, too, with us.
Carolyn, and Heather, and Papa, and rest of family, I am saying a prayer for you these moments knowing you miss Amber more than words can express,may the sweet presence of our Jesus be magnified within your hearts filled with His living love and the love of your darlin Amber, supplying you with His Peace that surpasses all our understanding.
Our Much Love!
Bill and Doede
20 February 2006
Andrea (Kentucky_Lady4) |
Amber, as you celebrate your 12th birthday with Jesus, I pray that those left behind will feel your joy being with the Lord. It is so very hard for those 'left behind', as heart are broken, and the emptiness lingers on to see you, a precious little one, so full of love and kindness. I sure hope you can feel their abiding love and know that one day they will be with you again. They will shower you with love and kisses. You are now protected from all harm, and held in His loving arms.. God bless and be with each here on earth, and dry their tears..
20 February 2006 - KY, USA
Melva | |
Hi Heather,
I wanted to leave a note and let you know that I was thinking of you today...You are also in my prayers, and so is your Mom, as well as your entire family...
I know that you both are looking forward to Colin coming into this world to begin his life! What a blessing he will be to you! He will be very loved, and born into a very loving family!
I just wanted you to know love, that you are on my mind today, and that is with much love for you and Carolyn too...

Hi Amber Linn,
This is Mommy and Gramma,
We wanted you to know we still miss you so
That you are deep in our hearts,
And that our love for you continues to grow.

We know you are having fun there with Jesus,
And with all of the other children too.
We are so thankful for that comfort,
And to know that someday we'll be there with you.

So Amber Linn our Love, we hold you in our hearts.
We will never forget you and your sweet smile,
As long as we linger here on this earth.
Always thankful that we had you for a little while.

We love you with all of our hearts Amber Linn..
We will never forget you..

My love and prayers for you all...
20 February 2006 - Ca.

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