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sandy |
that is awful when a father do that with his own child,Mydaughter was living with her boyfriend He left when she was 4 mos.preg.He didn't call her The rest of the time..Or said she needed some money or nothing . tHE MORN THAT shewas going to have the baby. He came & said he came to get the baby.. My daughter put the baby up for adoption. She was born july 7 06
25 August 2006

Webmaster comments   I am very sorry that your daughter had to go through that. It is very hard when men just dont care. And then come in as if nothing were wrong & try to take over. I will pray that your daughter finds peace with her decision. Sometimes it is best. Im sure that her child will grow up & respect her for her decision. God bless you & your family
Lara |
I was just thinking about you.
Your Mommy has this picture of your baby brother and everytime I see it, I think of you. He looks SOOOO much like you in it!! You keep sprinkling angel kisses on him and your Mom.
Love to you always!
3 August 2006 - Clovis, CA
23 July 2006 - MONROE WI
Cathy Wood | |
Such a sad story! I lost my son when he was 32. I know I had him for much longer than you had your precious girl, but it still hurts. You are in my thoughts.
4 July 2006 - Florida
Dianne |
Heather I am so sorry for your loss I was young like you when i married a cruel and brutal man we fought all the time but thank GOD he never hurt my daughter and when i thought he might i sent her to a neighbors house or to her grandmothers.. you are so right about having an angel God saved her before it got worse and it could of been worse than death
29 June 2006 - Florida
Your Memaw | |
Amber Linn,
When your Mommy sees a white butterfly she tells us that Ambers is here to visit us. So today I found this one, not white but your still here with us anyway and always will be.
The time has gone by so fast since you went to be with Jesus.
Someday Memaw will be with you again.
You know you are loved still like when you were here.
I feel you with us still all the time.
I will always talk about Amber Linn and never stop.
Keep sprinkling down those kisses to your Mommy, she misses you so much.
I love you Amber Linn
Big Hugs
Your Memaw

6 June 2006 - Calif
Heather aka Mommy | |
Hi my beautiful angel. Wow....... its been 10 yrs since you earned your wings. I can hardly believe it. Seems like it was yesterday that I was laughing & playing with you. I heard Hakuna Matata this morning on kids radio. Your baby brother loves listening to that when he plays. Its so funny that he loves all of the Lion King music & that was your favorite. But you are brother & sister huh? I sure miss you so much. You are almost a teenager. I wonder what that would have been like. Im sure that we would have been very close. Not that we arent still. I love you honey. Please watch over Mommy today and your brother always. Hes getting so big now. But you see him everyday dont you. His Daddy likes to walk by the fridge and show him your picture. So he sees you always. Well hun I better go. I am going to visit you today & bring you something special. I love ya doll. You are still my little girl and will be always. Love, Mommy

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6 June 2006 - Ca
Lara |
Dearest Heather,
I want you to know that I'm thinking about You, Amber, & Your Entire Family today, tomorrow, and ALWAYS! I remember so much about your angel...I cannot believe its been 10 years. I love you SO MUCH!
5 June 2006 - Clovis, CA
Heather |
Your web site is so beautiful I have just come from Little Fingerprints page, I found it just beautiful. "I wanna make great fingerprints but I promise not on your walls I wanna touch those around me
though I'm only three feet tall." How very profound, I love your sweet beautiful site, thanks for sharing.
20 May 2006 - Calif
Lara S. |
Thinking about Amber. Just wanted you to know...she is such a sweet little Angel!
Love Ya!
17 May 2006 - Clovis, CA
Carolyn | |
Hi Heather,
Just wanted to tell you that you are still the best Mommy. Your Angel is sprinking down lots of kisses from heaven to you today.
Thank You for having me come to spend the day with You and Colin. See you later this morning.
Love You
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14 May 2006 - Calif
Joseph Salmons |
You will always be in my heart,and I keep you with me everyday on my mirror. .You are with grandpa & grandma Nored, aunt Dorothy, Uncle Arlis and sometime soon we will all have a reunion in heaven. All my Love.
15 April 2006 - Auburn,Ca.
billy kirwan |
How sad it is to read this again. I feel for you so strongly.
29 March 2006 - CAlifornia
Cynthia Cervantes |
I think of Amber everday and keep her in my heart. Joseph keeps her picture on his mirror to see her beautiful face every day. I look forward to seeing her again one day. Colin is blessed to have an angel for his sister.
22 March 2006 - Las Vegas,Nv
Tabatha Salmons |
Love you. I think of you often.
16 March 2006 - Livermore, CA

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