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Lori Page |
I come from an abused home and I was lucky, I made it and survived. Your little angels id In the hands of God and you will see her again and he will meet his maker some day. God Bless you
10 November 2006 - Elkhart,Indiana
judy young |
may god forever bless you MOM....
24 October 2006 - VIDALIA GEORGIA
Jen from iVillage
This is the first time I have checked out Amber Linn's website. I just have to say that I think you are one of the strongest women I have ever met. I was in tears reading Amber's story, so I couldn't even imagine the pain you have been through and continue to go through. God Bless.
24 October 2006 - Wisconsin
Dot |
Dear Heather have just finished reading about your precious child Amber, my heart and prayers go out to you.May the love of our Lord help to heal your pain. God Bless
20 October 2006 - Tasmania
Cindy |
Heather, how brave you are to share this and to come through it. God gives us the grace we need to love again. I'm sure Amber is with her Father in Heaven. May you find your strength and comfort in Him.
18 October 2006
Connie |
Your story touched my heart"very deep" into my chest. I had a daughter born with muscular Dystrophy and died at 30. So I know what it is to love and loose a child...May God Bless you.
5 October 2006
Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie | |

I have been here before of course, but your story of previous Amber touches me deeply. I can only try and imagine what it must be like for you, although I have no doubt that your faith and the support of your loving parents helps you cope, that cannot erase the reality of what has happened. Persoanlly I could not agree more with you feelings that the penalties are simply not in keeping with the level of the crime. The is only one penalty on Earth and that is life imprisonment without parole. Anything less simply belittles the victim and the family. Can I direct you to a poem I wrote which reflects my own life and perhaps you can identify with in some way when you think of Amber.

Fortunately I saw sunshine after the storm, but so many children do not. I know that God is holding your precious Amber in His arms and he will pass His own judgement when the time comes. Twenty Six years will not be his only punishment.

Will keep you in my prayers. God bless (Eddie)
5 October 2006 - Brisbane, Australia
Sharon/AngelHeart | |
I just came in to visit sweet and precious Amber Lynns home today,and her Momma Heather and you too sweet Carolyn.
I send love from my home to your's and know lil Amber is rockin in the Arms of Jesus smiling and happy, I so love it here ,my heart is so full of emotions Heather and Carolyn, I think of sweet Amber Lynn and know she is happy with Jesus and all the beautiful angels and feels your love to!
5 October 2006 - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sammy Griffin |
I had seen the link to Amber's site but had not realized what it was all about. My eyes filled with tears. I'll agree 26 years does not seem to be enough for taking a life (esecially of a child). How sad.
3 October 2006 - Arab Alabama
Lara S |
I know...I have left you MANY, MANY messages. I just want to make sure you know how much I love you. Hope you have a great day!
28 September 2006 - Clovis, CA
Lara |
Just visiting. Wanted you all to know how much I love ya! Thoughts and prayers are with you always!!
27 September 2006 - Clovis, CA
Rosania Thompson |
A friend told me about your terrible tragedy...and as I ead your story I couldn't help but feel your pain. I have two beautiful daughters of my own and I couldn't bear to lose one of are a much stronger person than I. At least there is comfort in knowing that she is with god looking down on you and your family. I pray for you that someday he will mend your pain and give you peace of mind. Thank you for sharing your Rosania
26 September 2006 - Clovis, Ca
Bennie Lambert | |
Thanks for the beautiful story, I am sure you will see your little girl one day. God`s blessings
7 September 2006 - Ingleside, Texas
sandy |
that was good that u wanted to go back school& get yur diploma. Congralution to u..what r u doing now...
30 August 2006 - Tn...
BJ |
May God be with you and yours .
27 August 2006 - USA

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