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Tia Marie |
Happy Birthday Amber. Your new page is beautiful, With all my love to you and your family.
20 February 2007 - Australia
Dee | |
With caring thoughts and prayers for Amber -- My love to your dear family.

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20 February 2007 - PA
Gayle |
Happy Birthday Amber Linn. Goodness you have reached the big teenage number. Have a great birthday in Heaven with all the angels and eat a piece of cake for mom and the grandparents. They miss you so much and you are as deep in their hearts as ever and will always be their little Amberluv. You are just about to be grown now so mind your manners and make mom real proud. She love you so much and misses you still. Happy 13th Birthday Beautiful Angel.
20 February 2007 - Al
Lara S | |
Happy Birthday!! I can't believe you're 13...WOW! A teenager. I hope your party in heaven is absolutely the BEST. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today...and always. Your Mommy is the best Mommy I know...and she misses you, as we all do.

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20 February 2007 - Clovis, CA
Sharon/AngelHeart | |
Happy Birthday precious AmberLuv.
Today the angels sing and celebrate with you in Heaven as does Jesus,beautiful and forever young in paradise and remain in our hearts here on earth until your loved ones hold you again one day..Happy Happy Birthday precious child!!
You are loved!!
20 February 2007 - virginia beach.virginia
Earl Prignitz | |
Very touching, indeed!
20 February 2007 - Richmond, IN
Carolyn Ryno |
What a beautiful page for Amber, Makesme sad to think of all the years you have had to mss her i am sure she would be a beautiful teen ager and loved by all. God Bless you
20 February 2007 - Plato Missouri
Carolyn | |
Hya Amber,
I think about you everyday. But today seems so different. Time goes by so fast and to think about you being a teenager if you was still here, would have been so much fun. But I know your having the best birthday ever in Heaven.
Ambers keep shining down on us, we all need it.
Memaw Loves You

I Love You - Carolyns Precious Memories
20 February 2007 - Ca
Jodie Jennings | |
My prayers,are with you, and family. I lost my only 2 sons,only 11 mos. apart.It ripped my heart apart. 2002&03
12 February 2007 - Arizona &California
Lara S. | |
It's been awhile...
I know...
Always thinking, missing, & loving you.
Help your Mommy, Amber. These next few weeks are going to be hard on her.
Moving, Valentine's, then your birthday...She needs lots of ANGEL hugs and kisses!!
8 February 2007 - Clovis, CA
Alyssa |
I just read your story and I cannot express my sorrow for you. In these few minutes I have grown to love Amber myself. I am so sorry for your pain. Words cannot do justice here. I admire your strength and I hope we can spread the word and stop the violence.
23 January 2007 - NY, USA
Erin | |
I am so sorry! This story makes me so mad. You never hear the mom's side when the borfriend/ husband does this... I hope Chris rots in hell for what he did. ANd I hope Amber is a beautiful angel by your side.
21 January 2007 - Ft. Lauderdale
Clifford Barickman |
GOD Bless the Little Ones.When I wipe the tears from my eyes,I'll say a prayer for all the abused little ones and pray that all in these kind of relationships get out before tragedy happens.
19 January 2007 - Evanscity,Pa.
Don McNeill |
May yoyou & your Family have have a Blessed Christmas and a very HAPPY & Blessed Happy New Year & a wonderful 2007.
17 December 2006 - Tacoma Wa. USA
Melissa Allen |
Such an angel! I can't imagine what this kind of loss would be like. She is beautiful.
20 November 2006 - Alabama

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