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memaw |
memaw is testing my granddaughters guestbook
6 December 2017
Carolyn LeQuieu | |
Happy Birthday Amber. I can't believe you would be 23 today at 5pm. I miss you so much. Wish you could be with us. But your with Jesus and grandpa and grandma, lots of your family. Give them a hug for me. Keep watching out for your mommy sweet angel. See you. Bya.. 💞💕💞
20 February 2017 - California
golden |
My heart breaks for you. I Pray that God will give you peace, and strength to bear your sorrow. I lost a daughter, not to murder, but to cancer. That was real hard, but I can not imagine your sorrow. May God bless you.
20 March 2015 - virginia
Memaw |
Happy 20 the Birthday on Feb 20th Amber. Memaw was in the hospital and couldn't sign your book. I love you and keep flying by white butterfly.
18 March 2014
Barbara Higgs |
That is a beautiful poem and has a great meaning to me. May God bless you for this beautiful site.
7 October 2013 - Mingo Jct. Ohio
Carolyn N Tainter |
May God Bless you for your loss. She is now an angel looking over you.
23 June 2013 - San Marcos, CA, USA
What a cute website!
11 June 2013 - USA
David Marsh | |
Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Child abusers", from all your friends at Tom Thumb. Thank you.
7 June 2013 - Scunthorpe,North Linolnshire.United Kingdom
Memaw |
Amber Linn. I think about you everyday. You brought so much joy in our home with your giggles. Those big blue eyes and sweet smiles. We will be together again on day in Heaven. We miss you and love you so much. Memaw
6 June 2012 - California
Arlene Barr Truesdell |
Bless you and your entire family! Hugs!!
6 June 2012 - Cincinnati, Ohio
James “ Jimbo ” Hodges |
Your story touched my heart and I know it has touch many others. God will/has blessed you for keeping your faith. She is not gone - you just can't see her. People say we have a soul: we ARE A SOUL; we have a body. Continued blessings in your life,
6 June 2012 - Mississippi
Nelva Jones |
Heather, my love and prayers are with you as your inner most thoughts are on Amber today."May God place his arms around you, and comfort you". She was so precious!
6 June 2012 - Fresno,CA
Barbara A Ailey |
I'm so sorry you have lost a child because of abuse.I was also abused by my brother when I was very young.He has been gone many years now.He not only abused me but his wife I don't know if he abused his children.Sweetheart I pray that you will find all the peace and love you need through God our father.I lost a son in an auto wreck on fathers day 1997.It was and still is hard to think about it but the Lord has given me rest.I know he to is with the lord just waiting for me.I will say a prayer for you in Jesus name and I know he answers prayers.He has for me.In Gods great love.Barbara
25 February 2012 - United States
Rebecca Camp |
Amber, I am so thankful that I was able to meet you and know you for a short time. We had so much fun with you when you came to visit us in Oregon, and it shaped and impacted my life at 15 to know what you and your mommy went through. And so maybe in some ways I am someone your life has touched, and still does.

When I feel I cannot handle the stresses of motherhood, I think of your beautiful smile and bright eyes and I know I will make it through. It reminds me to count my blessings and hug my babies tighter. So even if I'm not so good at accepting or understanding, that reminder helps me feel peace.

I love you Amber Lynn.
21 February 2012 - Bend, Oregon
leon |
Happy 18th birthday to you from pa-pa. I love you sooo much! You will always be close in my heart. there tears in my eyes and always on my heart. Love-ya pa-pa
20 February 2012 - fresno calif.

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