Oh Lord, this burden seems too much to bear
seems the enemy's always knocking on my door.
Please calm the raging storm that brews within,
for I do not know that I can take much more.

My heart is heavy with the load I must carry,
tears of sorrow are streaming down my face.
Come and dry my tears and soothe my fears
as I wait for you, here in this secret place.

Gently, you remind me of all my prayers,
lifting me up, holding me close as I cry.
"My child, I've not left you for you see,
it's through the trials, my answers I apply."

Lord, help me not to look at my circumstances,
ever gazing up, I want to keep my eyes on thee,
put aside my fears, attend unto your loving face,
walking steadily onward to you upon stormy seas.

For me, you have a plan and your ways are best,
for Lord, you are all knowing and ever wise.
I would always know that all is under control,
if only I could see things through your eyes.

Without your grace, I know I'd surely die.
Through the storm, you have been carrying me.
In your unfailing love, my spirit's lifted high,
By your strength, I'm much more then I could be.

Lifting my hands in praise, I see the sun appear,
casting it's golden hues on storm tossed seas.
Clearer I can see, you are leading me through
thank you Jesus for it's like you, I long to be.

©TinasHeart 11/14/04

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Poetry and Graphics From Tinas Heart

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Tina,
For sharing This Wonderful Poem





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