Walking With Jesus

Lord my world is hectic,
Filled with stress everyday,
I would never make it,
Without you leading the way.

You pick me up when I am down,
You lift my spirit to the heights,
You renew me Lord in all ways,
From early morn through the nights.

Your love is my foundation,
Your blessings form a wall,
You are forever close to me,
Answering each time I call.

Each step I take Lord Jesus,
Depends solely upon you,
You are my Lord and Master,
With you Lord, I'll make it thru.

I know you are with me,
I feel your presence always,
I close my eyes and thank you,
You are the anchor that stays.

Oh Lord I am not worthy,
Of all the blessing you send,
Yet you are always beside,
Through life together we wend.

If I could but touch your garment,
Wash the dust from your feet,
I give you praise my sweet Jesus,
One day your face I'll greet.

Until that time dear Father,
I will journey here below,
You have your hand upon me,
Guiding each path I go.

Author Gayle Davis
October 30, 2004

Used with permission

Please visit her wonderful site.

An Hour With You

Thank You So Much Gayle,
For This Special Poem


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