I walk in silent memories
With snow that fills the ground
The steps I make they disappear
Though imprints are now bound

Fall softly on my burdens
Ease my heart of fear
Snow is now the blessing
That softly will adhere

Quiet times are gathered
In majesty and awe
I look around and see no one
But yet my spirit soars

For you are now all with me
In every flake that falls
The diamonds of the heavens
Become life's glorious shawl.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Jan 5, 2004
©used with permission
Read more of her poetry here.


This photo taken by Moon And Back (of giant Redwood Sequoia trees) in Grant's Grove Sequoia National Park

Note from Carolyn....
This is where I have spent my summers , from 1944-to the present days.
And also our family snow trips like the picture shows.
It takes just a little over 1 hour to drive from my house,
to the walk up this path to the Giant Tree.
My parents began taking all seven of their children here to camp for our summer vacation.
The story began with my parents being the only ones taking all of their children camping.
We have so many wonderful Memories of these camping vacations.
These were the days of Free Vacations.
To Be continued.

I would like to thank Bev for taking this beautiful picture.

How Great Thou Art
Paul Mc Cloud

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