Waiting At Heaven's Door

I sit here waiting at Heaven’s Door,
Waiting to see if I will enter forevermore.
To see if I will enter in,
Or be cast out because of sin.
I stand here knocking at Heaven’s Door,
To enter in forevermore.

Who will be there to greet me from within,
When They finally let me in?
Will it be Big Mike, Betty or Mr. McGrew,
Baby Samuel, Brad, Pat or someone else I knew?
Will it be Mother Jo, Daddy Oak or Grandpa Jack,
Uncle Joe or Shawn or someone else from farther back?

There is one thing I can surely say,
It will be Joel that will show me the way.
He’ll take my hand as we walk along,
Singing our favorite song.
Beside the Crystal Sea we will be,
Singing for once in perfect harmony.

Then he will take me to God and Jesus to see,
And I will get to ask, “Why did it have to happen to me?”
Then He will hold me tightly and say,
I know what’s best, I know the Way.
I know your heart and what is best,
That is why I had to take you from the rest.

I know your pain you had inside
And the tears you tried to hide.
I felt your pain each and every day,
But you had to endure it to set your girls on their way.
I saw you peacefully waiting at Heaven’s Door,
And knew it was time for you to live forevermore.

See your mansion up here above,
That I made with hands of love.
So, enjoy eternal life with me,
And sit in the fields and pick all the wildflowers you can see.
Enjoy your family and friends that came before,
While you patiently waited at Heaven’s Door.
So, here I wait at Heaven’s Door,
Knowing that soon I will live forevermore.

©Written by: Roxianna McCutchan 2003

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Roxianna tells why she wrote this poem.

I was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia (a muscle disease) that caused scoliosis.
The scoliosis has caused my lungs to be restricted
so I have around 20% lung capacity and it is progressing.
I am essentually on borrowed time.
I am 35 and ready to go home.
I have lived with pain most of my life
and faced many challenges and came out ahead.
I am a stronger person for the diseases and yet weaker at the same time.
My body is slowly giving up the fight and I face my future head on.
I wrote this poem early one morning when I couldn't sleep.
Later that day, I ended up in the hospital with chest pains
and found out I had pulmonary hypertension.
My wish is that everyone who faces what I do can find
some peace and know that Heaven is going to be so awesome.
I don't even know if we can imagine it but I look forward to the day when God can tell me what his plan for me was but for now
I want to share my story to help others facing death and Heaven.
I like to hear other's stories and in turn they help me and I help them.
In Him




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