By Beth Chapman

Vestal Goodman is now in Heaven,
Before Jesus she did bow,
Something tells me,
She Wouldn't Take Nothin' for her Journey Now.

She's standing arm in arm with Howard,
Oh, what a glorious day,
He has no pain in his legs,
And has thrown his cane away.

She enjoys visiting with old friends,
Every thought is happy - never sad,
Tears of gladness were brought to her eyes,
When she was reunited with her mom and dad.

She has passed through the pearly gates,
Crossed over Jordan - living in Canaan Land,
She has completed her Joy for the Journey,
And is now taking her Final Stand.

Her earthly life was lived for Christ,
With patience she's run the race,
And always fought the good fight,
Now she's met Jesus face to face.

She no longer walks in pain,
She's running on holy ground,
She traded in her pain and sorrow,
For her long awaited robe and crown.

She was immediately chosen for a quartet,
To sing before the Great I Am,
joining her were Rusty and Howard,
And their brother Sam.

She's telling the angels all about earth,
With all its joys and thrills,
How God blessed her in the good times,
And walked with her through The Dark Hills.

Today she's in Heaven praising God,
Playing a harp, walking on streets of gold,
Telling of all the miracles in her life,
From the time of her birth until she grew old.

Telling how God inspired their music,
And the Highway Church of God teaching,
To their travels all around the world,
And their famous Madisonville preaching.

God is thanking Vestal and Howard,
For obeying His will in all they would say and do,
They were successful together but quick to admit,
Lord, we Couldn't Have Made this Journey Without You.

Vestal's praising God with risen hands,
Her white, lace handkerchief she's reeling,
Thanking God for his wonderful love,
And the power of His healing

She's singing What a Lovely Name,
The Eastern Gate and There is a Fountain,
She holds A Clear Title to a Mansion,
And There's Something about a Mountain.

She simply can't contain her joy,
Wearing a great big smile,
She's through with all her troubles and trials,
And she and Howard Don't Regret a Mile.

She's Too Near Home and has Gained too Much to Lose,
To holy hills she's made her way,
For she was Born to Serve the Lord,
Oh Happy Day!

Her journey is now complete,
Her work on earth - she's resigned,
The only grief she ever feels,
Is for those of us who are left behind.

For she is Sheltered Safe Within the Arms of God,
He Has Wiped Every Tear from her Eye
There's no more earthly disappointment or pain,
She's truly in the Sweet By and By.

She has a brand new body,
Absolutely no worry or strife,
She has a new song in her heart,
As she rests by the River of Life.

Among a great cloud of witnesses,
She does not stand alone,
Praising God is much more special to her
,Sitting at his feet - worshiping at his throne.

The angels welcomed her as a singer,
The prophets took her by the hand,
God thanked her for using her musical talents,
Then made her leader saying, "O Come Angel Band."

Just What Heaven Means to Me,
Is now reality, not just a song,
Blessed Assurance,Amazing Grace and Rock of Ages,
Are sung there all day long.

There is no pain or sorrow,
No tears, sadness or woe,
The Garden of Eden has been recreated,
Milk and honey freely flow.

Afternoons on the banks of the Jordan River,
Beyond the glassy Sea,
Is a Gaither Homecoming Celebration,
And a Gospel Jubilee.

James Blackwood, Rosie and Glen Payne,
Rex Nelon's singing you can hear,
Alongside the great Mahalia Jackson,
Close by are Mom and Pop Speer.

Jake Hess sings while Hovie plays,
And who to Vestal's surprise should enter?
But J.D. Sumner singing bass,
And her big brother Cat singing tenor.

Vestal is finally at home,
By Jesus her Lord she's been received,
There is no heartache, cancer or strife,
All her pain has been relieved.

She and Howard live in a Mansion on a Hilltop,
With pearly gates made of alabaster and gold,
They walk around holding hands singing,
All the great hymns of old.

The Happy Goodmans couldn't be happier,
They're now in their highest demand,
Vestal leads all the angels singing,
Howard plays a gold baby grand.

But it's Vestal's voice and witness,
Desire to praise God her only cause,
That brings the 12 disciples to their feet,
And draws angels' and saints' applause.

She sings before James and John,
Preaches next to Peter and Paul,
Telling how she lost her life,
Before she gained it all.

Abraham, Jacob and Isaac,
Conversed with her - put her to the test,
When she told how much she had been through on earth,
Even Job was impressed.

And when the preaching, praising and shouting,
Finally comes to an end,
It's Vestal that rises to the occasion,
And says, "I'd Do it all Over Again."

And for her earthly service and talents,
God thanked her for allowing Him to use it,
And rightfully placed the crown on her head,
And named her Heaven and earth's eternal Queen of Gospel Music.

©Beth Chapman
for The Vestal Goodman Highway Dedication Ceremony,

Used with Permission

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Thank You So Much Beth Chapman,
For Sharing Your Wonderful Poem

She Was My Sister
A devotional book written by Beth Chapman
through the eyes of her dear friend
and Vestal Goodman’s sister,
Bobbie Harris of Fyffe, Alabama.


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