Until It's Time To Go

How great thou are heavenly King
You are salvation our everything,
You are the air that we breathe,
You are perfection in all we see.

You are the light in life’s journey
That leads us from paths thorny,
You lift us when we’ve fallen down
And set our feet on hallowed ground.

You give our hearts cause to rejoice
As we listen to whispers of your voice
Guiding us through life’s tribulations,
Steering us toward eternal salvation.

You listen to hear our every prayer
We have only to ask and you are there
To give contentment to a troubled mind
And help us through each perilous time.

We’re met with temptations every day
But have only to pray to find our way,
Our pleas for guidance you always hear
As we struggle through trials severe.

Though sorrow and strife may visit us
We put our faith in you sweet Jesus,
Our grief and worry you understand
And can rid them with a wave of hand.

When we’re down and feeling low
We know there is a place to go,
That place is on our knees
Asking you God to help us please.

There is a divine answer for us all
No matter what troubles may befall,
We turn to you Lord God in prayer
For our only salvation is there.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-26-05

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Poetry By Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Special Poem


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