The Rock

So unyielding,
So profound,
Is this rock,
That I have found.

No matter what,
I try to do,
That rock won't yield,
For it holds true.

Stood for centuries,
Through stormy weather,
That rock remains,
Always, forever.

I look around,
See if I can find,
A rock like that,
Within my mind.

'Twas not all that
So long ago,
Another rock,
On Earth did show.

He was so strong,
He had no fear,
Always, His Father,
He held near.

He walked this Earth,
Just a few years,
But when He left,
His pain we share.

Upon a cross,
Was crucified,
Gave His life,
So no others died.

For we all one day,
If we believe,
Will leave this Earth,
But our souls reprieve.

Our souls will live,
For evermore,
Once we pass through,
Heavens' open door.

Just like that rock,
That I did find,
I found that Christ,
Was on my mind.

Not unyielding,
Not profound,
Always forgiving,
That rock I found.

For that rock is now,
And forever be,
God's own Son,
Who died for me.

He gave His life,
That I might live,
All I have to do,
Is learn to forgive.

Accept that rock,
Into my heart,
Brand new life,
Brand new start.

I know not when,
Nor can perceive,
My mortal body,
On Earth I'll leave.

But I do know,
For I am certain,
When that time comes,
It's not the final curtain.

And at that time,
I will achieve,
To meet all those,
Who chose to believe.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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Dark Blue Knight

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Eddie,
For Sharing This Wonderful Poem


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