Family Bible

As I pick up my old faded Bible
That lies beside my bed
As I search familiar scriptures
Marked where they’d been read

This old Bible so well worn
That it barely holds together
But it tells me Jesus is the same
Yesterday today and forever

It belonged to my grandparents
They’re waiting for me in Heaven
They prayed we would all follow
With all our sins all forgiven

The pages now are brown with age
But the WORD inside still stands
The Jesus Christ the Savior
Will touch the heart of every man

I can remember seeing my Grandpa
Sitting in the old porch swing
Singing Praises to His Jesus
So loud the Heaven’s rang

Sometimes Granny joined right in
In their worshiping through song
And each time I read this Bible
Those memories linger on

It tells me of Salvation
That comes from trusting Christ
It is within reach of all of us
If we will just lay down our pride

Leave the evil of this world
And all it offers to you
Put faith alone in Jesus
His love is pure and true

When you cry He will answer
He will be a shelter to you
He’ll go with you to the end
We have that promise too

I love this dear old Bible
With the covers faded and torn
It reassures me I’ll be with God
When I awake on judgment morn

It assures me that my affliction
I endure will no longer be
As my soul ascends to Heaven
And at last I’ll be set free

But I’ll cherish this old Bible
That is near and dear to me
It belonged to special people
And handed down to me

They taught me about Jesus
To church I went faithfully
If it wasn’t for this Bible
Wonder where in life I’d be?

©Raylene Boggs 2003

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Raylene,
For Sharing Your Wonderful Poems

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Family Bible
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