Someday Sweetheart

My precious Savior holds my hand
For only The Lord can understand
Why Iím hurting here so all alone
And you rest at his golden throne.

God leads me through my sorrows
Through my sad lonely tomorrows,
Iíll get through my heartache dear
For The Lord holds me gently near.

I cry until there are no more tears
Each time I recall the happy years
That we walked through life together
Knowing our love would last forever.

When I stand where you lie resting
I thank God for the true blessing,
He brought you into my lonely life
Anointing forever us man and wife.

Though God called you home first
And my heartaches are the worst,
I will keep my faith ever strong
Till we meet in our eternal home.

I will hold you in my heart nearest
Until I come home to you dearest,
Someday my tearing eyes will dry
As weíre joined in heavens on high.

Until we meet again sweetheart
And we never more shall part,
Your memory will get me through
The lonely day to day living I do.

What a glorious reunion that will be
As we embrace for all Heaven to see,
Two loverís hearts joined once more,
United eternal on Godís golden shore.

Iíll stroll across the heavens with you
When life on Earth is finally through.
Iíll hold you in my loving arms forever
As we dance through the stars together.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 08-01-04
(Revised 03-16-06)



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Poetry by Ken
Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem

This page is dedicated to the one left lonely ..........




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