Stroll Over Heaven With You

If I'd survey all the goodness
That comes to me from above
And would I count all the blessings
From out of the store house of above
I simply ask for a favor
Of Him beyond mortal end
I'm sure He'd grant it again and again

I want to stroll over Heaven
With you some glad day
When all our troubles and heartaches
Have truly vanished away
There we'll enjoy all the beauty
Where all things are new
I want to stroll over Heaven with you

So many places of beauty
We've longed to see here below
But time and treasures have kept us
From making plans to go
But come the morning of rapture
Together we'll surely be
And then I'll stroll over Heaven with you

Written by Carl L. Trivette, 1952

Click on his name to visit and read about Carl L. Trivette.
He tells the story why he wrote this beautiful song
that so many of us have sang.
You will be so glad you did.

Mountain Man Carl

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Performed by The Happy Goodman's


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