I Am

I am the force in the universe.
I am galaxies and starbursts.

I am the heavens and planets.
I am the world and all upon it.

I am endless space and time.
I am the creator of mankind.

I am the seasons in one year.
I am all creatures living here.

I am the oceans and the seas.
I am mountains and valleys.

I am searing deserts and snow.
I am fire and forest that grow.

I am the colors in the rainbow.
I am the gale winds that blow.

I am rainfall, rivers and streams.
I am moonlight and sunbeams.

I am the daylight and darkness.
I am the way to true happiness.

I am Heaven and eternal life.
I am the end of human strife.

I am all there was or will be.
I am salvation for eternity.

I am the beginning and the end.
I am almighty no other transcends.

I am the maker of life on Earth
I am the gauge of mankind's worth.

I am the way to Heaven hereafter.
I am God, your Lord and Master.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-21-04

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Poetry by Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Sharing Your Poems.


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