Send A Refuge For Me

Down here in the valley, I stand so forlorn
On a journey I started, the day I was born
The trials and the troubles and affliction I see
I 'm asking you Lord, trusting your Word
Send a refuge for me

As I fight every battle, I strive to get home
I pray for Your Mercy, to help me strong
The days are so weary, the nights are so long
But I'll work for You, Father
And I'll still sing Your Song

The devil is raging, destroying our land
I so often wonder, Lord, How much more it can stand
Till you ready Your coming, I need help, can't You see
With Your Mighty Hand, help me to stand
And send a refuge for me

The night's almost over, soon morning will dawn
With my renewed Blessings, I'll keep going on
Till I see you coming thru the clouds, Lord I'll be
Happy and Free, so glad to see
You're the Refuge for me

Raylene Boggs 2002

Thank you to my sweet friend Raylene for letting me use this poem

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