Turn To Jesus

Jesus loves us, thereís no doubt
He is your pathway out,
No matter how dark life seems to be
He will light a way for you to see.

When you feel there is just no way
You can get through another day
And your world is clouded and gray
Look up to Jesus and pray.

When problems of life get you down
And worry and troubles abound
Until you feel thereís no hope for you,
Jesus in Heaven can lead you through.

When you lie sleepless in bed
With concerns filling your head
Give them to Lord Jesus instead,
He will ease away your dreads.

When burdens lie heavy of shoulder
And the world could seem no colder
Never fret over what you should do,
Jesus will carry the load for you.

There is comfort and hope for us all
He will lift us when we fall,
Just have faith in the Lord above
He will bless you with healing love.

Trust Jesus in your time of need
Your heartfelt prayers he will heed,
When thereís nowhere left to turn
Just give Jesus your fearful concerns.

This fragile world keeps changing,
Your life constantly rearranging
But one thing remains constantly true,
Jesusís eternal love for you.

Author: Kenneth Ellison 11-16-05

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Poetry by Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem








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