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Often times in memory I go,
To the little church on the hill,
And a place in time that I love so,
And I know I always will!
We’d sing those good old gospel songs,
From the bottom of our hearts,
And everyone could sing along,
For we all had our parts!

Daddy played the piano.
Mommy shook the tambourine.
All us kids were dressed in white.
Such a sight is seldom seen!
Sometimes we’d sing a song or two,
And the “power of God” would fall!
Then, there wasn’t nothing left to do,
So Daddy gave the “altar call!”

Oh, how I love the old songs!
They mean so much to me,
Like “Amazing Grace”, “How Great Thou Art,”
And “Nearer My God To Thee!”
I’ve sung them in church with those I loved.
And I’ve sung them when I was alone.
And by the grace of God above,
I’ll sing them ‘til I get Home!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003

Brother Bob's Christian Poetry Potpourri

Thank You Bro.Bob for sharing this poem
with Carolyn's Precious Memories.

Memories From Carolyn

I Dedicate This Page To New Hope Country Church Madera, Calif.
Every Fifth Sunday Afternoon Singings
The Leader of this singing...Coolidge Willard Stephenson.
 He had his Sunday Morning Radio Program " Religious Varieties ".
 He is a cousin to Ben & Brock Speer and Sisters.
 We had dinner on the ground and singing all afternoon.
 The Church is at the end of the road,
 with nothing but grape vineyards all around.
 The Church looks just like this one.
 And yes there is a cemetery behind the church.
 Inside was singing, praying and Little Grandma's shouting.
If it was hot, this is where the funeral fans were used.
There was always Special Guests that came.
But if your group couldn't all make this singing.
You just picked singers and made up a Quartet.
And we had no time to practice at all.
I think almost everyone could sing,
and or play the piano or any instrument.
We would have maybe a hundred plus people.
But you could hear the singing for miles.
This was a singing that you could call out a name of a song,
and before going home that song would be sung.
Even if you were not a singer, you became one during this singing convention.
Everyone participated in this time of singing.
I did spend more time at this singing,
after our groups stopped traveling.
Some of the best Memories I have came from,
The Old Country Church.





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The Old Country Church
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