No Matter The Cost

No matter the cost I will serve You Lord
Help me each day to be true.
Help me each day to love and forgive
And to keep my eyes on You.

No matter the cost I'll praise You Lord
Each day You're always the same.
There's no better way to start out my day
Than to pray and lift up Your name.

No matter the cost I will live for You
Lord help me when things don't seem right.
When the enemy taunts lift my faith to new heights
Then lead me back gently to You.

No matter the cost I'll follow You Lord
Though it's sometimes like walking on sand.
For sometimes in life there's good days and bad
But I know You're holding my hand.

No matter the cost, I know it's ok
For each day I love You more.
And to know my reward is to be with You
Is a cost, that is no cost at all.

2003 by Tia Marie

Thank You so much Marie for sharing your poems.


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