There is no God but one
That will never be undone,
There is none under the sun,
False gods we’ll shun.

There is no God but ours
No other has His powers,
He is the creator of us all,
No other name shall we call.

He created the universe
And this Earth we traverse,
Then by a sweep of His hand
Created woman and man.

But for God’s divine grace
Upon the frail human race,
We’d dwell in a desolate space
Instead of a beauty filled place.

He is the Almighty Creator
And none other is greater,
He created us and all we see,
He is the only God there will be.

God is good everyone knows
Through us His love flows,
The proof of His love for us
Was the sacrifice of Jesus.

God gave us life on this world
As His mighty power unfurled
And the promise of salvation
Is included in His creation.

Our God is good it’s understood,
We’d worship no other if we could,
He is the true God for eternity,
The keeper of Heaven’s key.

"Only One"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-14-06

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Poetry by Ken
Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem

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No God But God
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