Jesus Can

You called out to me and I came hurrying to you,
You are worrying much more than I ever knew,
The burdens you bear are more than just a few
And I am here to listen, thatís what friends do.

You say your are a sinner but arenít we all after all,
You say you are heartsick and feel so very small
Well, I canít forgive sins or change water into wine
But I know a man, a precious friend of mine.

I canít move the mountains that stand in your way
And I canít bring you sunshine for a brighter day
But I know a Redeemer and Jesus is His name
Oh what a friend The Lord has became.

Through valleys of darkness youíve walked alone
Until now you are helpless and feel hope is gone,
I canít lift you from the darkness out of the shame
But I know someone and Jesus is His name.

You can lean on me as long as you need to talk
But I canít heal you or raise the lame to walk,
It is Jesus who sustains, His love will ease your pains
And His blood on the cross washed away your stains.

You feel your life is over and thereís no use to carry on,
You believe you are forsaken and left on your own,
Well, I am here because I care and thatís at least two
For The Lord who loves me also loves you.

I canít calm a sea or the angry tempest in your head
Or multiply fishes or raise the living from the dead
But I know a man who can and Jesus is His name,
The worker of miracles and hopes eternal flame.

Lord Jesus is light on the darkest day when you pray,
He is endless love and salvation for those who stray,
I love you too but I canít promise Godís plan,
I canít save your soul but Jesus Christ can.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-10-09

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Poetry By Ken
Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem




I Know A Man Who Can
By George Jones (featuring Sheri Copeland and Barry Smith)
George Jones Gospel Collection Album

Made With Love

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