Life's Railway

Life is one-way tracks
Ever forward, never back,
As you’re born the ride begins
And you must travel till it ends.

From births first cry
To your final goodbye
It's long to journeys end
With trials at every bend.

Temptation will surround
And tribulations abound
As you travel life's railway
To it's end on judgment day.

There are mountains to climb
And troubles will wind
Around you as a thorny vine
While enticements flow as wine.

Satan will offer pleasures
Of the flesh without measure
And temptation will be great
To sample sin from his plate.

Keep your eyes upon the rails
Trust in Jesus without fail,
Keep your hands clasp in prayer
And God will get you there.

Life's tracks can twist and wind
But God won't leave behind
Passengers who accept his hand
To board His train to Glory Land.

Life's journey is hard and long
And it's way littered with stone
But you'll never falter, never fail
When you ride God's silver rails.

© Kenneth J. Ellison

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