JD Sumner

November19, 1924-November16, 1998

In 1956 at age 13 years old very timid and shy, I met J.D. Sumner. J.D. was the bass singer in The Blackwood Brother's Quartet. J.D. would tease me until I finally got brave enough to tease him back. I am sure he never met a stranger. He was a giant of a man to me. He was so big and so old. He was in his 30's.But that is old to a teenager. Oh, just the thought of going back to those fun years .Time goes by so fast, but it seems like yesterday to me. Below is a picture of The Blackwood Brothers when we all sang together. I think out of the group, James Blackwood was the one that kept everyone in line. Now, everyone was good and so nice, but full of life and fun. We did sing with The Blackwood Brothers Quartet every time they came to Calif. Memories play a big part of my life. J.D. loved to play jokes on everyone, and tell stories to make us all laugh. This went on for almost 7 years. J.D. had the deepest bass voice of anyone that I know. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the lowest bass voice. His voice was unique so much that no one could sound like him. A real one of a kind. Then I found myself alone and our groups went in different paths of careers. I didn't want to stop singing. Singing was my whole life. I really felt lost. But every time The Blackwood Brother's Quartet, came to California we went to see them and had a good visit. So we still had some years of being able to have fun at concerts. I can only imagine how it will be someday in Heaven. I just wanted to say how much JD Sumner meant to me and my family. I could not tell all of the stories about our fun without writing a book. We always knew we would have a great time when J.D. was with our family. What fun we all had those many years together. To have J.D. for a friend, you knew it would last forever. And one day we will be together again.

J.D. did sing with several other Quartets during the following years. But then in Memphis, Tennessee there was a young teen that had always loved to go and see J.D. Sumner sing. J.D. took a special liking to young teen Elvis Presley. Elvis went to all of the singings that he could. JD would tell him he needed no money to come and see them sing. Elvis always did love Gospel Music and he loved to sing it too. I am sure that everyone in my age group and older remembers when Elvis became a big star. Elvis did have backup singers. But during one point of his career he was in need of a new backup group to tour with him. This is when he ask J.D. Sumner and The Stamps. It is a long story and has been talked about all over the world .But in 1971 J.D. Sumner And The Stamps did begin touring with Elvis. They did that until the day Elvis died. I did see J.D. on a TV talk show...It was about his singing with Elvis Presley. J.D. would not let anyone talk bad about Elvis. He always defended Elvis and got pretty upset.

Donnie Sumner was the lead singer in the group, manager, and much more. He is also the nephew of J.D. When Donnie talks about his past tears come for everyone, and it really touches your heart. He is a wonderful Singer, Songwriter, Minister and more. I don't want to tell a lot about Donnie's story. I want him to tell it from his own site. But Donnie went from having it all, to losing it. He finally told Elvis after reaching his lowest point in his life that he had to leave. Elvis told him he wished he could do the same, but he had to go on. But that he was proud of Donnie. That was less than a year before Elvis died. There is going to be a great Reunion in Heaven when all of God's Singers get Home. God had great plans for Donnie. It is has been over 20 years now. But so much happened while Donnie was singing with his Uncle J.D. And The Stamps And Elvis. He has a testimony that is bringing many lost souls to The Lord. He has so much to offer for help resources too. Please click on Donnie's picture below and you will be glad you did. I promise you that. God Bless You Donnie & Marty In Your Ministry.

Your Friend Carolyn

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