I've been gazing around
At some people I've found
As we move down life's crowded old road
Some are steady and sure
Some don't care anymore
So the story they might tell I've told

What would you do and say
If the Lord came today
And for you He was just asking for
As He came near your gate
Would you ask Him to wait
Or would you jump up and open the door

Would you feel out of place
As He gazed on your face
Would you be overcome with your shame
And to Him humbly speak
Could you come back next week
Then I'll have everything rearranged

Or could ask Him inside
And have nothing to hide
And His glory surrounding yourself
And be proud as He gazed
At your books all arranged
With the Bible pronounced on the shelf

Could your friends all come in
To the presence of Him
Could you be proud of your own happy throng
If you can't do this I say
Please take warning today
And remember the truth of my song

Yes I've been thinking today
Of this world and its ways
And the crime that just grows more and more
And I'm praying that He
Will accept such as me
When He turns up to knock on my door

(With acknowledgement to Slim Dusty)

A Note about the singer.
Here in Australia we had a very famous (locally) country singer who went under the name of Slim Dusty. Sadly he passed away in 2003 and his loss was a great one to the Australian music industry. I have been to many of his performances and he always sang one song dedicated (in his words) "To the Great One above, who we all turn to in times of need)
This is one of those songs
Slim could well be talking
to every one of us in these words.

Thank You Eddie from Australia for sharing this song and words with me.
I love this song and know all of you will too.

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