I Have Had A Wonderful Life

Looking back over my life
There's been so many mistakes
That could have broken me.
Especially the heartbreaks

But I've seen Your Hand upon my life,
Even before I came to know You.
You've been there to pick me up,
Brush me off, and see me through.

You've blessed my life, in spite of me.
You've given me Love so Great.
Always preparing the way for me,
As patiently You did wait.

I marvel as I look back to see,
How long You waited for me.
I could have died at any time,
And been lost without Thee.

Lord the blessing's you have
Given to me, I am in awe of,
And if I never received another,
I'm forever satisfied with Your Love.

I have had a wonderful life
Since You came to live in my heart.
Just knowing my sin's are forgiven
And that You will never depart!

© Melva
Saturday, July 8, 2006

Used with permission

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Silver and Gold and Thee

Thank You So Much Melva,
For Writing This Special Poem


I've Had A Wonderful Life

by Donnie Sumner

Donnie Sumner's Website

Used With Permission
Thank You Donnie

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Thank You, Carolyn

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