She sat in church and attentively listening
To the sermon the pastor did impart
All through the service, feeling a gentle tug
To receive the Lord into her heart.

Yet when the invitation began
She stayed steadily in the pew
She thought again of her many sins
Then tried to tell her self they were few
The singer sang the second verse
The inner stirring came much stronger
And then, from within she truly knew
She could stay in the pew no longer

She took the first few slow steps...
Then the Lord led her after that
And forward to the altar she went
Giving her heart to Jesus, never to regret

Now she is truly a child of God,
And begins her newfound life
To spread the gospel as far as she can
Regardless of stress or strife.

So if you sit and listen
To the tugging of your heart
And know you need Christ in your life
It's not too late to start
Why not surrender all you have to Him
Let His will be done with you
There will be no regrets from that day..
That you gave Him your life too.

This woman will sometimes reminisce
How those first few steps had felt
The unsure feelings at first she had
But the Spirit with her had dealt.
It was a wonderful and peaceful feeling
When at first she truly knew
She was part of the Father's family
A new life she was honored to pursue.

Kentucky_Lady4 (Andrea)

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