In The Garden

You hesitate at my garden gate,
As I watch and patiently wait,
The gateway is swung wide
And I bid you enter inside.

Come nearer me weary child,
And linger for a restful while,
Wipe dry your tear stained face,
There is soothing in my grace.

Walk with me along the pathway
I will ease your suffering away,
Hold firm my hand as we tarry,
Your heavy burdens I will carry.

Renew in my strength as we stroll,
For I will comfort and console,
We will while away pleasant hours
Beneath the fragrant rose bowers.

Sit with me where the roses grow
Feel the healing glow of love flow,
Hold near to me beneath the bough,
I will smooth your furrowed brow.

Here where the dewdrops glisten
Speak to me child and I will listen,
Give to me your trouble and trials,
I will restore your forgotten smiles.

My love for you knows no bounds,
Let my grace and mercy surround,
Feel your sorrows ebb then cease,
Through me there is blissful peace.

I will caress and ease you through
Whatever heartache may visit you,
Trust my love to light your pathway
When troubles would turn you astray.

Life is brimmed with doubts and fear
But be of brave heart for I am near,
As problems encircle you and harden,
Come unto me child, rest in my garden.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 02-05-06

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Poetry by Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem

In The Garden
Performed by Elvis Presley C)

Made With Love

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