I Believe

I believe God made the forests full of trees,
the valleys and mountains, a calming breeze.
I believe God created deep oceans and seas
and all the living things that be.

I believe God grows the child and each red rose
and there is not one of us He doesn't know.
I believe God painted the prairies and plains wide
And in each of us His love abides.

I believe God created all the streams that flow
and stormy nights with winds that rage and blow.
I believe God sees each teardrop we shed
and hears the cry of the sick and helpless abed.

I believe God made fragrant flowered meadows
and gives solace to those in life's dark shadows.
I believe God hears each and every prayer
granting forgiveness to show loving care.

I believe God offers eternal life
when we are done with all mortals' strife.
We must ask God into our hearts and lives
it's the only way any of us will ever survive.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-13-03

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Poetry By Ken

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Thank You So Much Kenneth,
For sharing This Wonderful Poem

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I Believe

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