Though some may never believe,
False webs of doubt they weave,
It’s only themselves they deceive,
We pray for souls so utterly naive.

The foolish doubt our God is real
And wonder just how we could feel
That He offers Heaven for believers
While Hell awaits deceptive deceivers.

We pray someday they’ll understand
A living God holds our faithful hand,
He shadows our lives day and night,
Ever leading us toward Heaven’s light.

On faith we know our Lord God dwells
Everywhere between Heaven and Hell
Forever protecting His faithful flock,
The Father is our firm foundation rock.

Lambs of The Good Shepherd know
That Father in Heaven loves us so,
And the Holy Redeemer is alive in us,
We worship Him by the name of Jesus.

When we falter along life’s highway
God steadies us and points the way,
When trials or tribulations overwhelm
God will take our troubled ship’s helm.

Our Lord The Deliverer is real and living,
We bear witness to His merciful loving
And we are children of the living King,
To that knowledge we'll forever cling.

The Lord sees each mistake we make
He is aware of every breath we take
And if you ask us how we really know,
We’ll simply say, the Bible tells us so.

On faith and His Holy Word we stand,
We commit our souls unto God's hands,
He is our doorway to eternally survive
Our God is real--Our Savior is alive.

"Our Savior Lives"

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 03-17-06

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Poetry By Ken
Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem


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