Heaven is going to be beautiful
The river of life will glow as crystal,
Many precious jewels shining so fair,
We long for that haven, to rest over there.

The walls are made of jasper
The foundations made of stone,
The gates of pearl will be glowing,
At home where the milk and honey flows.

He is our Lord of heaven and earth
He is the light of the city so fair,
In heaven the gates will never be shut,
The angels singing forever over there.

He weeps when we disobey Him
For on the cross He paid my debt,
Up there by the bright shining river,
Enjoying everlasting life forever.

As I seek God daily I find in Him
A bit of heaven that floods my soul,
Oh what a compassionate friend is Jesus,
He shed His blood and made me whole!

Bernice Ward 2005

Reading Revelations 21-22
God inspired me to write these words...

Used with permission

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In The Sweet Bye And Bye
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Johnny Cash (C)

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