In times like these, "God Cares For You" 
is a blessed assurance that our heavenly Father
will always protect and keep his people,
for He promises "never to leave us or forsake us." 
We can always find this wonderful blessing of comfort
by looking to the Cross of Christ
and seeking out Bible scriptures of God's promises 
to always care for his children.

"Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you".
1 Peter 5:7

Somebody Cares

Somebody cares and always will
The world forgets but God loves you still
You cannot go beyond His love
No matter what you're guilty of

For God forgives until the end
He is your faithful, loyal friend
And though you try to hide your face
There is no shelter any place
That can escape His watchful eye

For on the earth and in the sky
He's ever-present and always there
To take you in His tender care
And bind the wounds and mend the breaks

When all the world around forsakes
Somebody cares and loves you still
And God is the Someone who always will

Helen Steiner Rice


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