Call On Jesus

When life becomes undone
And you cry out for anyone,
Someone to help you through,
There is a friend for you.

Your world seems unraveled,
Rocky roads you’ve traveled,
And troubles have only grew
But there is healing for you.

Jesus is your faithful friend
If only a prayer you’ll send,
Christ is the lifeline you need
To sow some happiness seed.

You are a child He treasures,
He loves you beyond measure,
Jesus will cast your fears away
And bright those clouds of gray.

Give your cares to The Lord,
Life will have sweet concord,
Pray away all your heartaches
He will forgive your mistakes.

You walk life’s thorny pathway
Gathering burdens day-to-day
Until their load you cannot bear
And you need comforting care.

When storms gather overhead
And you worry restless in bed
Never knowing peace of mind,
Pray to The Savior of mankind.

As life’s scary shadows sway
Ending worried unhappy days
And dark nights bring sorrow,
Jesus can brighten tomorrow.

You’re near a loving embrace
Just lift your troubled face,
Jesus offers life sparkling new,
Your true friend truly loves you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-25-07

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Poetry By Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Wonderful Poem



Do You Need A Friend
Performed by
Carroll Roberson


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