Bro. Billy Graham

I really did want to do a page on the days,
of my growing up with Bro. Billy Graham in our home.
Well that was the days we called the older people,
Brother and Sister and then the last name.
There was absolutely no way that we were allowed
to call someone by a first name.
That was very disrespectful to my parents.
So they just always made us be
respectful to the older people.
I am very happy that they taught that to us.

I was the only kid left at home at this time.
This was in the early sixty's when we first
began to see Bro. Graham on television.
Daddy would check out what was
coming on television for that week.
But usually the local television stations
would start to talk about the show
coming on and for several nights too.
Well Daddy and Mama would begin
to prepare me to get ready and
not to plan anything on those nights !

Let me also say that I chose this background
because Bro. Graham and his wife Ruth
live in a very pretty log home.
And it was built from 3 old log cabins.
Franklin and his family live in a log home.
I also have a lot of respect for the Graham's
as they are so down to earth
So I wanted to have a cabin scene.

Well now getting back to my story :-)
Daddy would begin to get all excited
and tell me to get all ready.
I do think he even called his
married kids and told them too.
Bro. Graham was a good name in our home.
Daddy always taught us that
this was Bro. Billy Graham.
I was raised in the same
denomination as Bro. Graham.
And like I said it was always Bro. and Sis.
That was so different from today.
But anyway for at least 2 or 3 nights at 8.00 pm.
I had to sit up and watch Bro. Graham :-)

Now you have to understand
that I am very much a morning person
and not a night gal at all.
Many times I would fall asleep
not that the message was boring,
but I wanted to sleep .
Since I was not able to watch any
of my own shows in the first place.
But I did get through all of those night.
Then I would think
Oh Goody! No more of this for
another 6 mo or a year !
I also am not showing any
disrespect by saying lol
Bro. Graham is a man of good humor too.

In the early sixty's Oh Boy !
Bro. Graham came to Fresno.
Yep, we sure did go several nights too!
So many people there, that I thought,
Whew , I have never seen this many people before,
other than when we went to Disneyland !
But not that many at all.
Maybe 10,000.
Boy has his meeting got bigger
each and every year.
It doesn't matter when I hear this song
I always think of Bro. Graham.

Well then when I got married
and had my own home things would be different.
Bro. Graham and those advertisements began on television,
he was going to be on for 3 long nights.
No one would know and I can watch my own shows.
Nope! Daddy would call and start
his preparing me to get ready. lol
But I did watch the shows and
would love them all.

I loved to read about him
and his family.
He has the sweetest wife
that I have ever seen.
A good Mama that was strict too
like my Mama and I Thank You !
She was a wonderful and
good lady to have raised
all of the children and with
Bro. Graham gone most of the time.
Such a Godly wife and Mama too.

Well I became older and my children
got older too, and we would start to watch
Bro. Graham on television.
Yes! my kids did the same as I did!
And of course we didn't make them
do as I was taught to do.
I have heard our son Scott say many times
If I ever hear of "Billy Graham"
ever doing wrong then ,
I just won't believe in any one anymore .
So a lot of good came from this man
to my children too !
But also I see Bro. Graham helping others than have fallen .
God will surely bless him for that .

He is about the most well known
Minister that I know of.
He is so well respected.
I love to hear him sing with George and Cliff too!
" This Little Light Of Mine ".
What a sense of humor he has too.
They sing all of the song and
Bro .Graham's part in the song is just to say NO! :-)
Now Bro. Graham became like
a member of my family.
This is how I have always felt
about this wonderful man.
No he is not perfect
but just forgiven like all of us.
I am in No Way,
saying that he is equal to" God "
but I sure do love him a lot.

I ' am so very thankful that Daddy
called me and bugged me so much !
Such a wonderful Evangelist
and also a man that loves to go home.
And see his sweet little wife ,
and all of his children and all of
the many grandchildren .
When ask how many does he have,
he laughs and says "A lot".

So do too my Daddy's persistence,
in his way of thinking that I should
always watch this Evangelist on television
he has taught me much love
and respect for a good man of God.
I love to read his things about his family
and all of the plain and ornery things
that all of them did . lol
This is what life is about too.
No matter how big or well
known that they are
they do go through all of the very
same hurts and discipline problems
that you and I go through.
And they did have enough concern
for others to tell many stories.

I love those stories
as they come straight from the person.
The stories also help me to know,
that not just our family goes through
a lot of hard times.
Even when his lovely wife Ruth
tells how she would get after the children
while her husband was away preaching .
She is truly a great lady too.

I would watch you Bro. Graham if you
came on television every night now.
I just saw that he will be on my
television the first week of March.
Oh Yes! Daddy! you would be so proud
to know that you don't have
to plan my time, and that I will watch
this man as he is the kind of program
that I welcome in my home anytime.
I don't think there is anyone
that does not know the name Billy Graham

Thank you Bro. Graham
for becoming so much
a part of my young life,
and also on into my older years too.
With all of the prayers
from Bro. and Sister Graham
look how all of their children turned out.
They are all now doing some kind
of work for the Lord.
They are no different than we are
and they do tell that too!
Just country folk as they say.
He will always be Bro . Graham to me,
but I will honor him with his new title of
" Dr. Billy Graham ".

He does deserve all of the things
that he worked so very hard for.
God Bless you for all of the years
of your work for the Lord
and through all of your years of Ministry.
All of the millions of people
that have been saved
and will go to Heaven,
because of your work for God.
And I do know that when God
does call Dr. Billy Graham home
Daddy will say look Mama it is
~Bro. Billy Graham~

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