Heís knocking on my door Lord,

That old devil in disguise.

Heís trying mighty hard Lord,

To tempt me with his lies.

Heís whispering in my ear Lord

And I know You gave me a choice,

But heís whispering soft and gentle Lord

With such a charming voice.

So, Iím asking for Your help Lord,

Through each and every day,

For only with Your help Lord

Can I chase temptation away.

You know itís really hard Lord,

For You were tempted too

But You rebuked that tempter Lord

And I want to be like You.

So help me lock the door Lord

Then throw away the key.

Cease his tempting voice Lord

And let my thoughts dwell on Thee.

Let me feel Your loving presence,

Bestow Your sweet, peace on me,

Keep me ever in Your presence,

Now and throughout eternity.

©Lora Cox

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